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Silver Rounds

Provident Metals is proud to offer an assortment of silver bullion rounds to meet your investing and collecting needs. Because of its affordability, silver is popular among investors. Provident offers silver rounds in various weights and with an assortment of beautiful, unique designs. These rounds are made by some of the most trusted private mints, which have high purity and quality standards.

Silver has been used as a source of monetary value, along with industrial and medicinal applications, for centuries. Its universal value has made it a sound safe haven investment. Buying silver bullion allows you to diversify your investment portfolio, providing protection against inflation and other market risks.

What is a Silver Round?

Whereas coins are minted by sovereign governments and carry legal tender value, rounds are made by private mints. Many of these mints maintain quality and purity standards comparable to those of sovereign mints, but the value of privately minted bullion rests in the rarity, finish, and metal content.

Silver rounds look similar to coins, but they are not generally accepted as currency. However, they remain a valuable investment tool because of the universally recognized value of silver. Collectors and investors enjoy rounds because they carry a lower premium than sovereign bullion, they generally feature compelling designs, and commonly occur in collectible series.

What is Silver Bullion?

Silver bullion comes in the form of rounds, coins, and bars to provide monetary value to your portfolio. Many people purchase silver bullion as an investment tool. While mints each have differing quality standards, the silver bullion sold at Provident all contains at least .999 fine silver. Coins produced by sovereign mints carry legal tender value, while other forms of bullion produced by private mints are valuable due to the silver content itself.

Choosing silver bullion is popular for long-term investors, as well as for new investors. The affordable price point makes it a safe investment that you can buy in small increments over stretches of time. Because you can buy silver for a low price, it makes a great introduction to the precious metals market without the need for a large financial commitment. Silver rounds provide an ideal starting point for your investment in silver bullion.

Which Silver Rounds Should I Buy?

Choosing the right silver rounds for your portfolio depends on both your investment goals and your interests. If you want to invest in a beautiful, low-cost silver round, you may wish to look at the popular Provident Prospector 1 oz Silver Round or the Buffalo 1 oz Silver Round.

If you value the collecting aspect of buying silver, you may wish to buy more decorative pieces. Many of these rounds are part of a series, allowing you the collect each piece to tell the whole story. Some options include rounds from the Provident Prospector Series , the World of Dragons Series , or the Egyptian Gods series .

Provident is proud to offer a large assortment of silver rounds, with options to please every type of investor. You may also find that our many designs come in handy for gifting silver to those with various tastes.

How Do I Identify a Fake Silver Round?

There are several ways you can test your silver round to ensure it is not a fake. These techniques span from very simple household tests to using more technological tools to take measurements. There are two good low-tech tests you can conduct at home. Silver is non-magnetic, so your rounds should not stick to a magnet. Silver is also an excellent conductor of heat and will begin to melt an ice cube immediately once it is placed atop a round.

If you do not wish to test silver yourself, you can have rounds professionally appraised. However, perhaps the best way to ensure the quality and purity of your silver rounds is to purchase your bullion through a reputable dealer. A company that has earned the trust and respect of bullion buyers is sure to offer high-quality products. Provident is happy to assist you in finding the right bullion for your portfolio.

Why are Silver Rounds Less Expensive Than Sovereign Coins?

The price of a silver round or silver coin is dependant upon spot price, but coins are generally more expensive than rounds. This is because the limited production of sovereign minted coins increases their value, as well as their collectibility. You may find, in many cases, that silver coins cost more than a silver round of the same weight.

However, there are limited edition silver rounds produced that may be as valuable or even more valuable than coins. These may include rounds with unique finishes or rounds that have been NGC certified. From basic to graded, silver rounds are sure to add value to your portfolio of precious metals.

Should I Invest in Silver?

Silver has been coveted for centuries, both as a source of currency and for its many industrial uses. It was used to make some of the earliest known coins and has maintained its value over the years. This intrinsic value has made silver a safe and preferred investment for many individuals and families.

Because of its affordability, silver is favored by many new and seasoned investors. It makes an ideal choice for long-term protection of wealth. Its price also lends well to gifting silver to children and loved ones. Having this commodity on hand offers financial protection against an assortment of potential hardships.

What is Spot Price?

When buying silver, you will hear the phrase “spot price” often. This simply refers to the current value of a metal. Global economic activity and geopolitical events can affect the prices of metals while international markets are open. Staying aware of silver's spot price helps you buy and sell at the right times.

At Provident, we aim to help you stay in-the-know. You can check our website any time for current spot prices. We also offer more in-depth information and historic data on our silver spot price chart, along with charts for other metals.

Why Choose Provident?

To help you achieve your investment goals, Provident offers an assortment of silver rounds and other bullion products at competitive prices. We are committed to providing exceptional service, along with protecting your security while you shop. In addition to buying silver and other precious metals, you can also sell your bullion to us directly.

We invite you to browse our selection of silver rounds, and check out our blog for industry news and fun information about metals.