06/04/2023 08:46:31 PM
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Lunar Silver

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Lunar Silver Bullion at Provident Metals

The Silver Lunar Series offers customers at Provident Metals the ability to add collectible and unique pieces of bullion to their precious metals portfolio, while additionally providing a hedge against inflation. The Chinese zodiac has long fascinated many, and several mints have taken the opportunity to use the beauty of the mythos to create stunning products.

Dive into the world of the Chinese zodiac with the new Silver Lunar Series from Provident Metals. See if you might find some luck with one of our offerings below.

2020 Year of the Rat

The first animal in the 12-year cycle of the Zodiac, the aggression and ferocity of the rat is showcased in this design. The rat is shown in front-facing relief as it shows off its sharp front teeth. The rounds have an ornamental border on both sides, while the bars have no border design. The Chinese written character for the rat is found on the obverse design.

2021 Year of the Bull

For the second release in this series, the Year of the Bull arrives with one of the most powerful depictions of a lunar animal. Every muscle fiber in the body of this ox is evident. With its aggressive stance, the bull prepares to charge with his horns pointed forward and anger in his eyes.

2022 Year of the Tiger

Hunting down its prey with power and stealth, the tiger is the true King of the Jungle and features in a beautiful design for the 2022 Year of the Tiger release. The massive wild cat is shown in left-profile relief as it stalks its prey, waiting for the right moment to pounce with speed and overwhelming power as it subdues its prey.

2023 Year of the Rabbit

For the third year of the 12-year lunar cycle, the rabbit appears. As with other animals in the series, there are five different types of the animal and this year is the Year of the Water Rabbit, its first appearance since 1963. In this design, the rabbit sprints across the design field.

Options in the Series

This Lunar Silver Series at Provident Metals comes with 1 oz silver rounds and 10 oz silver bars. The collection offers the bars individually sealed in plastic or held in boxes of 50 bars. The rounds are packaged in individual flips, tubes of 20 rounds, or boxes of 500 rounds. Both options come with .999 pure silver content.

Build Your Lunar Silver Collection with Provident Metals

Now is your chance to own the designs of the Lunar Silver Series. Please contact Provident Metals with any questions at 800-313-3315, chat with us live online, or simply send us an email with your inquiries. You can check our Payment Policies FAQ for answers related to common payment questions.