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  • 1 oz Copper Zombucks Kangaruin Round New
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  • 1 oz Copper Zombucks World Kookaburied Round New
    As Low As: $1.79
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  • 1 oz Silver Zombucks World Pandamonium Round New
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  • 1 oz Silver Zombucks World Kookaburied Round New
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  • 1 oz Silver Zombucks Kangaruin Round New
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  • Zombucks World 20 Piece Collectors Box
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  • 1 oz Copper Zombucks World Pandamonium Round New
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  • Zombucks Rounds at Provident Metals

    Whether you believe in the potential for an apocalypse or not, you’ll want to be prepared with the right form of currency. Provident Metals pioneered an exciting collection of copper and silver rounds to prepare you for the apocalypse, zombie-driven or otherwise. With a new Zombucks World Series available, make sure you’re up to date on the history of this design concept.

    Zombucks World

    Given the popularity of our original Zombucks Series, a new collection post-apocalyptic currency is now available to collectors and investors. Once again offered in 1 oz silver and 1 oz copper, the new Zobucks World Series offers new designs based on the modern gold and silver bullion coins craved by collectors and investors.

    For the reverse side of the new Zombucks World rounds, you will find the same original design from the Zombucks Series. Here, the biohazard symbol offers you warning about the landscape of the world following death, destruction, nuclear war, and virus outbreaks.

    Mintage: Each release will be minted to demand for approximately four months. At the end of that time, the final mintage for that design will be announced.  No more rounds will be produced of each design after its 4-month mintage run. As each design’s run concludes, we’ll update the final mintage figures below:

    • Pandamonium: 50,000 silver rounds and 30,000 copper rounds
    • Kookaburied: 25,008 silver rounds and 20,000 copper rounds

    Zombucks World Designs

    As mentioned above, the new designs in the Zombucks World Series are based on popular bullion collections. Among the designs in Zombucks World, you will find:

    • Pandamonium: The new Zombucks World Pandamonium design is the first in the new series and is based on the annual designs in the Panda bullion series. This image includes a depiction of a rotting Giant Panda clinging to a tree as its flesh falls from its body.
    • Kookaburied: The second issue of thew new Zombucks World Series is known as Kookaburied. Here we can see the zombie apocalypse has reached the skies overhead to infect our fine feathered friends. Among the first to succumb is the kookaburra. This design shows the decaying kookaburra in flight with empty eye sockets and wings that are starting to lose all the feathers.
    • Kangaruin: In the third release, another of Australia’s beloved native species has been overcome by the spreading Zombie apocalypse. Captured in left-profile relief, the kangaroo is shown bounding along with a stylized sunburst in the background. As it leaps along, you can see the deteriorating flesh and patchy fur of the creature.

    Original Zombucks Series

    Zombucks was launched in 2013 by Provident Metals as an undead collection of 10 American coin designs that fall victim to a Zombie Apocalypse. The zombie attack began with Lady Liberty, transforming her into the undead Walker. The virus spread and infected numerous historical figures throughout the series, until the Saint appeared on the final round to bring victory to the human race. Each release was struck in 1 oz silver BU, 1 oz silver proof, and 1 oz copper rounds. The Zombucks series enjoyed enormous success and its releases are highly sought after in the secondary market to this day.

    Original Zombucks Designs

    With the release of the Zombucks Rounds, America’s greatest coin designs were reimagined as a form of currency for the post-apocalyptic world:

    Zombucks Walker

    Honoring the famous Walking Liberty effigy from the Walking Liberty Half-Dollar and the American Silver Eagle, the Zombucks Walker is a zombified Walking Liberty reaching ahead for a human. She is wrapped in torn and disheveled clothing with an axe in hand, surrounded by stars and stripes and walking in front of a mushroom cloud.

    Morgue Anne

    Inspired by the Morgan Dollar, the image of Liberty featured on the Morgue Anne has skin that has rotted, the flowers in her once beautiful hair have wilted. Liberty faces left and one can still read her crown, but bones and muscles from her neck and face are visible.


    The obverse of the Zombuff features a cadaverous Black Diamond, the model of James Earle Fraser’s Indian Head Nickel (1913-1938). The once massive bison now roams the earth with bones tearing through his mangled and decaying skin. His fur deteriorates with each passing day.

    The Barber

    The original Barber quarter was circulated from 1892 to 1912. The beautiful lady on Charles E. Barber’s iconic quarter has turned, joining the hordes of the undead. On the obverse of each 1 oz The Barber round, Liberty cries bloody tears, her eye impaled with scissors, an attack that wounded but failed to kill the undead goddess. Her skin rots under the sun’s swelter, and the tattered ribbons of her triumphal cap shred in the breeze.

    Murk Diem

    This adaptation of the Mercury Dime features Liberty as a casualty of the apocalypse. The obverse of each Murk Diem features the zombified “goddess”, a mangled figure bereft of life. A portion of Liberty’s brain emerges from a torn cap, while her spine can be seen through her neck and muscle.

    Feast Dollar

    A tribute to the Peace Silver Dollar, the obverse of each Feast Dollar features the profile of a decomposing Lady Liberty. Worms wriggle through her disheveled hair, devouring the flesh beneath. Teeth and bones can be seen through decaying skin.

    Starving Liberty

    The obverse of the Starving Liberty features a disheveled Lady Liberty. Clutching a shield as she strides down a stone staircase, her bony figure is covered by a partial suit of armor and a tattered cloak that blows in the wind.

    Slayed Dollar

    The Slayed Dollar is inspired by the US Mint’s Trade Dollar, which represents freedom and commerce. The obverse of the Silver Slayed Dollar features Lady Liberty sitting on a throne of skeletons. To represent the toll in human life the apocalypse has taken, Lady Liberty now clutches a scythe in her right hand; her skin, muscles and hair are fetid and decomposing.

    Dying Eagle

    Zombucks Dying Eagle is an infected version of the Flying Eagle Cent that was designed by U.S. Mint engraver, James Longacre. The once majestic bird now soars on the obverse of each 1 oz Silver Dying Eagle, having fallen victim to the relentless apocalypse.

    The Saint

    The 10th Zombucks design is inspired by the Double Eagle Gold Coin created by famed sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens. The Saint carries a sword in her right hand and the severed zombie head of the last zombie in her left. She walks over heads and bones of her zombie victims in a stunning gown and corset that carries a biohazard symbol. Smoke billows from the Capitol in the background while sun rays shine behind The Saint.

    Zombucks Rounds at Provident Metals

    When you shop the Zombucks Rounds from Provident Metals, you will find secondary market options among the originals and the new designs from Zombucks World. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Provident Metals’ customer service is available at 800-313-3315, online using our live chat, and via our email address. You can also learn more about our payment methods, please visit our Payment Policies page.