British Silver Britannias

British Silver Britannias

Manufactured annually in limited mintages by the British Royal Mint, the British Silver Britannia is one of the world’s leading sovereign minted silver coins. Each Silver Britannia is made of .999 fine silver under strict production and quality standards.

Silver Britannias carry a legal tender value, though this value is outweighed by the silver content in the coin. Like many other silver bullion coins, the Britannia is designed to accommodate the goals of investors and collectors. Because Silver Britannias are backed by the British government, they qualify for most precious metals IRA accounts.

What is a British Silver Britannia?

British Silver Britannias are silver bullion coins produced by the British Royal Mint on an annual basis. These one ounce silver coins have earned a favorable reputation among investors of precious metals due to their beautiful design and high standards for purity and quality.

The obverse of the Silver Britannia features a portrait of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Britannia, the female embodiment of Great Britain, stands on the reverse holding a shield and Poseidon’s trident. In 2017, micro-engraved radial lines were added to the coins as a form of security and authenticity.

Who Produces the British Silver Britannia?

The British Royal Mint has roots stemming back more than 1,000 years, when it began as the London Mint. This was just one of many mints in the United Kingdom during the 800s. The London Mint moved to the Tower of London by the 1200s and gained a minting monopoly that lasted 500 years.

The mint eventually transitioned from being under the Royal Family to operating as a limited company. Over the years, it came to produce the circulation coins for the UK, along with coinage for 60 other countries. In fact, the British Royal Mint produces about 15 percent of the world’s coinage. The mint uses industry-leading practices to create some of most beautiful and reliable currency and bullion.

What is a Silver Coin?

Silver coins are manufactured by sovereign mints and they are given a legal tender value by the government. In some cases, silver coins use the same designs as the country of origin’s circulation coins. The government guarantees the purity of silver coins, along with regulating the minting process. The quality of silver coins, along with their beautiful designs, make them a valuable asset to both investors and collectors.

What are British Silver Britannia Coins Worth?

Silver Britannias have a legal tender value of two pounds, which means they can be used to pay for goods and services. However, the silver content in the coins are worth far more than this value. Even though the spot price of silver fluctuates, the metal has been known to retain its value for centuries. Because of the purity of the silver used to make these coins, Silver Britannias are a smart investment tool to protect the financial future of you and your family.

Coins like the Silver Britannia provide an affordable investment option that makes it easy to buy in small increments over long stretches of time. Silver is not particularly hard to come by; many people own silver jewelry. However, Silver Britannias offer a pure form of the metal, as opposed to other silver items that may be alloyed with a lesser quality metal. Many sovereign minted coins, like the Silver Britannia, are internationally recognized, which makes it simple to assess their value for sale or trade.

What is Spot Price?

Spot price is the term used in reference to the current value of a precious metal. Spot price remains in constant flux while international markets are open, reacting to global economic activity and geopolitical events. The Provident website offers up-to-date spot price information to help you determine the right time to buy and sell. Check the bottom bar on the site for current values, or visit our spot price charts for a more in-depth look at metal prices.

Why Choose Provident?

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Learn more about the British Silver Britannia in our Bullion Knowledge Center, or read our Coin Fact Sheet.

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