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Mexican Silver Libertads

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  • 2019 Mexico 1/20 oz Silver Libertad
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  • 2019 Mexico 1/10 oz Silver Libertad
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  • 2019 Mexico 1 oz Silver Libertad
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  • Mexican Libertad 1 oz Silver Coin Random Year
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  • Mexican Libertad 2 oz Silver Coin (Random Year, BU)
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  • 2019 Mexico 2 oz Silver Libertad
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  • 2019 Mexico 5 oz Silver Libertad
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  • 2019 Antique Mexican Libertad 5 oz Silver Coin
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  • 2020 Mexican Libertad 1 oz Silver Coin BU
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  • The Mexican Silver Libertad is among the most beloved silver bullion coins produced by a sovereign mint. Each coin is struck with a beautiful design based on historical coins and representative of Mexican culture. Silver Libertads come in several different weights to meet your specific investment goals, and each coin contains .999 fine silver regardless of weight.

    The purity and quality of these coins makes them a solid addition to your bullion investment portfolio. Like other sovereign-minted coins, Silver Libertads qualify for most precious metals IRA accounts. Additionally, many collectors may find value in this internationally successful coin.

    What is a Mexican Silver Libertad?

    Minted by the National Mint of Mexico, the Mexican Silver Libertad is the flagship bullion coin of Mexico. It was first produced in 1982 and its design was based on the Centenario gold coin that was minted between 1921 and 1947.

    The obverse features a series of official seals. Mexico’s national seal sits in the middle, showing an eagle perched atop a cactus carrying a snake in its beak. Ten additional seals showcasing Mexico’s provinces surround this central seal.

    The Victory Angel, or Winged Victoria, stands on the reverse holding a laurel wreath and a broken chain to symbolize Mexico’s freedom from Spain. This angel of independence is positioned between two volcanoes, which are representative of a pair of lovers from pre-Columbian lore.

    Who Produces the Mexican Silver Libertad?

    The National Mint of Mexico, also known as the Casa de Moneda de Mexico, is responsible for producing Silver Libertads, along with an assortment of coinage. The mint–which is the oldest mint in the Americas–was established in 1535 by a Spanish viceroy who was sent to the area in an effort to found a mint in the New World.

    This mint grew to be very successful, with silver pesos and other coins circulating across the Americas and into Asia well into the 19th century. These coins were known for their high quality and went on to inspire the US dollar, the Chinese yuan, and the Japanese yen. Beginning in 1983, the Mexican Mint started manufacturing coins from only the San Luis Potosi facility.

    What is a Silver Coin?

    Silver coins are made by mint that is regulated by a sovereign government, much like circulation coins. In fact, some silver coins even carry the same designs as circulation coins. Because they are produced by a sovereign mint, silver coins carry a legal tender value in addition to their investment value. Investors can rest assured that they have made the right choice since the weight and purity of each silver coin is guaranteed by the issuing government.

    What are Mexican Silver Libertad Coins Worth?

    Though Silver Libertads hold a legal tender value, the silver content of each coin is worth far more. Silver has been a valuable commodity for centuries, and remains a stable investment tool today. Silver coins in particular make a great investment because the beautiful designs can add value as the demand of collectors dictates.

    You might already have silver jewelry and other decorative silver in your home, but coins like the Silver Libertad use a pure form of the metal that has not been alloyed with a metal of lesser quality. Because Libertads are internationally recognized, it is easy to have your coins assessed if you decide to sell or trade them. Silver remains the precious metal of choice for many investors because it is affordable to buy incremental amounts of the metal over a long stretch of time.

    What is Spot Price?

    The current price of a precious metal is referred to as the spot price. It is wise for investors to stay aware of spot prices since they change often while international markets are open. Familiarity with spot price changes allows you to make the best purchasing and selling decisions. You can check our silver spot price chart, along with other metals, for more information about how prices change over time.

    Why Choose Provident?

    Provident is dedicated to helping you with your investment goals. We offer a wide selection of precious metal bullion products at competitive prices, along with a sell to us program. Our customer service representatives are happy to provide personalized assistance on your orders. We have also taken steps to secure your purchases, which is why all shipments are mailed in discreet packaging. Join many satisfied customers in browsing our online catalog today!

    Learn more about the Silver Libertad in our Bullion Investment Center, or read the Mexican Silver Libertad Coin Fact Sheet.