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Molon Labe 1 oz Silver Round
1 oz Silver Round | Uncle Sam
2018 South Korea 1 oz Silver ZI:SIN Canis
2018 Silverbug 1 oz Silver Antiqued | Leviathan

At Provident, we understand the importance of investing on a budget. One ounce silver rounds are some of our most popular products because they offer a great solution for that need. Buying small amounts of silver on a regular basis is an easy method of building up a stable, tangible store of value. Each of our one ounce silver rounds is produced with high quality and purity standards to ensure you get the most out of your purchase.

While the value of investing lies in the metal content itself, it is still enjoyable to select rounds with designs that appeal to you. That is why we offer a variety of designs from several trusted private mints. We invite you to browse our selection of one ounce silver rounds and build up your bullion investment in a way that provides value to your both your portfolio and your interests.

What is a Silver Round?

Though silver rounds look similar to silver coins, they have distinct differences. Coins are produced by a government mint and carry a legal tender value, while rounds are produced privately and do not have a face value. Silver rounds are still a smart investment choice because of the universally accepted value of the metal. Additionally, privately minted rounds can also become valuable among collectors due to limited quantities, unique finishes, and an assortment of beautiful designs that are often part of a series.

Many investors and collectors enjoy purchasing silver rounds because of silver’s value and affordability. In fact, silver rounds come at a lower premium than sovereign minted silver coins. This makes silver rounds a great introduction to the precious metals market for new investors. The silver rounds offered at Provident all contain at least .999 fine silver, with many options that can be added to a precious metals IRA account.

Which Silver Rounds Should I Start With?

There are a few factors to consider when you begin investing in silver rounds, including your budget, the frequency of purchases, the weight of rounds, and the designs of rounds. The first three factors directly tie into the size of the investment you wish to make. However, investing becomes much more enjoyable when you can choose designs that appeal to your interests. This is precisely why Provident offers a wide selection of rounds with varying designs. You may wish to start your collection with popular silver rounds like the following:

Why Do Silver Rounds Cost Less Than Sovereign Coins?

Even though a one ounce silver round and a one ounce silver coin weigh the same and may look similar, you will often find that the coin costs a little more. This is because a premium is added to sovereign minted coins due to limited production and several other factors. However, you will find that the value of both silver products are always dependent on spot price.

Occasionally, however, limited edition, NGC certified, or otherwise unique silver rounds may be worth more than some sovereign coins, particularly on the secondary market. Basic silver rounds are valuable to any type of investor, and specialty rounds gain value among collectors.

What is Spot Price?

Any investor of precious metals should be familiar with spot price, which is the current value of a metal. These values are constantly changing during market hours in reaction to international economic and political activities. Understanding spot prices patterns helps you choose the right times to buy and sell. Provident provides detailed and up-to-date information on our silver spot price chart to help you achieve your investing goals.

Why Choose Provident?

The Provident team is dedicated to assisting your investing goals and providing the tools you need to meet them. Our secure online ordering system is available at all times, and is backed by knowledgeable customer service representatives. We strive to offer a large assortment of precious metals products at competitive prices, all of which are shipped discreetly for your safety. Be sure to also drop by our knowledge center and blog for more information about investing and the financial industry.

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