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Canadian Gold Coins & Bars

Provident Metals is a proud dealer of Canadian Gold Coins and Bars. The Royal Canadian Mint has a proven reputation for producing some of the highest quality investment grade gold bullion available. Each piece of gold bullion is at least .9999 fine gold, and RCM is one of the few sovereign mints that produces .99999 fine gold.

The RCM offers a multitude of options for buyers who want to purchase a little or a lot. Bullion coins and bars are available in sizes ranging from 1/10 ounce to 1 kilogram.

In addition to size versatility, the RCM features state of the art security features including micro-engraved radial lines and maple leaf privy marks.

With bullion featuring iconic Canadian symbols and figures such as the maple leaf and Queen Elizabeth II, these collectible investment pieces make a perfect addition to your precious metals IRA.

The RCM (Royal Canadian Mint) is revolutionary in its production and design of gold bullion. As the first producer of .99999 gold, the quality of gold is unsurpassed, and the beauty of the designs are a collector’s dream.

In an uncertain paper market, investing in precious metals, like RCM gold bullion, is a wise way to hedge your portfolio. Prepare for your future by investing in the quality gold bullion offerings below.

Are gold coins and bars a good investment?

Yes; gold bullion from the RCM is among the most pure in the world. With a large assortment of bars, rounds, and coins, there are investment pieces for collectors of specific series and themes as well as stackers looking for low premium bullion.

What benefits does owning gold from the RCM have versus owning sovereign bullion from another country?

The Royal Canadian Mint has long been regarded as a leader in the precious metals industry. The RCM crafts bars and rounds from only the highest quality bullion, making it a mint you can trust. Shopping RCM gold will give you the opportunity to purchase stunning bullion, featuring iconic Canadian royalty, history, and wildlife. Additionally, due to its reputation for producing outstanding quality bullion, Canadian gold is widely accepted around the world.

Is Canadian bullion more expensive than US bullion?

Prices vary on products, but Canadian bullion is not unequivocally more expensive. In fact, in some cases, RCM gold is less expensive than US gold. For example, the Canadian Gold Maple is typically priced slightly lower than the American Gold Eagle due to higher demand for the AGE in the US.

Is RCM minted gold bullion higher quality than US gold?

Canadian gold bullion is on par with US gold bullion. Both sovereign mints craft products from .999 and .9999 fine gold bullion. Each sovereign mint creates bullion eligible for your precious metals IRA.

Should I purchase gold coins or gold bars?

Both gold bars and gold coins are excellent additions to your investment portfolio. Coins can function as currency, which makes them ideal for investing. Sovereign minted coins are often recognized, worldwide, which adds another benefit. Gold bars are an efficient way to invest with a lower premium than coins. They are easily stacked and are eligible for your precious metals IRA.

Where is Canadian gold minted?

The Royal Canadian Mint produces bullion in Ottawa, Ontario (the mint headquarters) as well as Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Where is the best place to buy gold from the Royal Canadian Mint?

We believe Provident Metals is the best choice to supply your Canadian gold needs!

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