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2018 American Gold Eagle
2018 1/2 oz American Gold Eagle
2018 1/4 oz American Gold Eagle
2018 1/10 oz American Gold Eagle
1/10 oz US Gold Eagle Coin | Random Year
2017 1 oz American Gold Eagle
2017 1/4 oz American Gold Eagle
2017 1/10 oz American Gold Eagle
1 oz Gold Coin | Random Design
1 oz Proof Gold Eagle | Box & COA | Random Year
1986 1/10 oz Gold American Eagle NGC MS69
1/2 oz American Gold Eagle Tube | US Mint
1/4 oz American Gold Eagle Tube | US Mint

The American Gold Eagle has been a staple in bullion investment portfolios since the Gold Coin Bullion act was ratified in 1985. The US Mint produces the Gold Eagles in 1/10 oz ($5 face value), 1/4 oz ($10 face value, 1/2 oz ($25 face value), and 1 oz ($50 face value). Each coin is composed of .9167 fine gold, is guaranteed by the US government, and is eligible for a precious metals IRA.

The obverse of the American Gold Eagle features Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ Lady Liberty moving forward with a torch in one hand and an olive branch in the other, representing peace and hope for a free America. Behind her, the Capitol building sits as a symbol of democracy. 50, 5 pointed stars border the stunning obverse- 1 for each state in the United States of America.

Famed sculptor, Miley Busiek designed an impressive reverse featuring a family of bald eagles; the male is returning to a nest of hatchlings which is being protected by the female. Surrounding this idyllic scene are the inscriptions: “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” above and “E PLURIBUS UNUM” and “IN GOD WE TRUST” on either side. “1 OZ FINE GOLD ~ 50 DOLLARS” is inscribed at the bottom of the reverse, indicating the weight and legal tender value of this remarkable coin.

Provident Metals offers gold bullion in a variety of finishes, years, and weights. Also at Provident, you have the option to purchase graded coins or coins accompanied by a United States Mint Certificate of Authenticity and display case.

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Commonly asked questions about American Gold Eagles:

Are American Gold Eagles pure gold?

Gold Eagles are produced from 91.67% American gold (22 karat), 3% silver, and 5.33% copper. The coin’s durability comes from the mixture of gold with minute quantities of silver and copper.

In what finishes can I purchase the Gold Eagle?

This gold coin is available as a bullion and proof coin in each of the weights listed above.

Are AGEs legal tender?

Yes, the Gold Eagle is legal tender; though, the intrinsic value of the gold in the coin is far greater than the face value. The 1/10, 1/4, 1/2, and 1 oz rounds hold a face value of $5, $10, $25, and $50, respectively.

Are gold coins a good investment?

Gold has a lengthy history of holding its value. Many investors use gold as a safe haven investment, and as a hedge against inflation. The Gold Eagle is a sovereign coin, so the value, weight, and purity are guaranteed by the US government. Additionally, it qualifies to join your precious metals IRA.

Is sovereign gold bullion taxable?

Because Provident Metals is owned and operated in Texas, a state without tax requirements on the sale of bullion, there is no tax when you purchase a Gold Eagle. Capital gains from the sale of your Gold Eagles, however, may need to be reported for tax purposes.

Where are American sovereign gold coins minted?

American Gold Eagles are minted at the West Point Mint in West Point, New York.

How many AGEs are minted annually?

Mintage numbers vary by year and weight. To find the mintage for a specific year, you can visit the US Mint website.

Where can I buy American Gold Eagles?

You can purchase US Gold Coins and other sovereign gold bullion here at Provident Metals. We offer a large selection of mintage years and weights, in addition to graded and certified coins.

Where can I sell my gold coins?

Provident Metals is an industry leading purchaser of gold bullion, in addition to being a dealer. Visit our "Sell to Us" page for more information.

How much are gold eagles worth?

The price of Gold Eagles is determined by spot price as well as the condition and rarity of the coin. A standard 1 oz gold eagle will usually sell for close to the current spot price. If the coin is a low mintage year, has a mint defect, is certified or graded, etc., the coin could be worth much more than spot price.

How do I sell my AGEs?

If you are interested in selling your American Gold Eagles, contact Provident Metals for more information on how to begin the process. We offer some of the highest buy-back prices in the industry.

Why should I purchase an American Gold Eagle rather than a Canadian Gold Maple?

While both gold coins are crafted from quality bullion and operate as legal tender in their respective countries of origin, the demand for American Gold Eagles is higher domestically and globally. The increased demand makes the gold eagle a bit more collectible and thus more valuable.

Learn more about the American Gold Eagle in our Bullion Investment Center, or in our Coin Fact Sheets.

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