1 oz Copper Bars

Due to a growing demand from investors, Provident Metals has expanded its copper selection, including these One Ounce Copper Bars. As economic uncertainty mounts, investors turn to bullion as a way to safeguard and diversify their wealth, and because each bar contains One Avoirdupois Ounce of .999 Fine Copper, they are a quick, convenient way to stock up.

Copper and its alloys have been used since the dawn of civilization--in art, tools architecture and even currency. In fact, an ancient copper pendant was unearthed in northern Iraq dating as far back as 8700 BC. And Ötzi the Iceman, a Copper Age natural mummy dated 3300–3200 BC, was discovered in Nuremberg with an axe-head containing 99.7% pure copper.

Copper’s practical uses continue to flourish today. Hence, the demand for copper hastily outpaces its global supply--making it a burgeoning segment of the prosperous metals market. Meeting this blossoming demand, Provident Metals stocks several copper bars in various designs (including St. Gaudens, Morgan Dollar, Walking Liberty, Indian Head Designs and more).

Moreover, One Ounce Copper Bars are easy to sort, store or trade, making them a sensible alternative to pennies and other copper coins (and a dazzling gift to boot).

If you are interested in safeguarding your wealth by jumping on board the thriving copper market, browse our selection of One Ounce Copper Bars and take advantage of our secure online ordering system.

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