Silver Dollar Tubes | CoinSafe Morgan Dollar Tube | 38.1mm

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These CoinSafe brand Silver Dollar tubes hold 20 Silver Dollars and are perfect for both the Morgan and Peace Dollars!
Coins Sold Separately!

Store up to 20 Morgan or Peace Silver Dollars in CoinSafe brand tubes, now available at Provident Metals.

Over time, conventional materials used to store your silver coins — like paper and cardboard — disintegrate, leaking acidic chemicals onto your collection. These types of storage methods create oxidation, spots and green slime, and they can be difficult to organize and store.

Contaminants like grit and oil from your fingers, humidity, extreme temperatures and chemicals can also cause serious damage to your collection. Discoloration, scratches and marks decrease the value of your Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars.

Paper storage methods can be cumbersome and awkward, making it difficult to organize, store and retrieve your precious coins. The square shape of these CoinSafe brand tubes makes it easy to stack, store and transfer your silver dollars.

CoinSafe Brand Tubes

Established by Bill Grau in 1990, CoinSafe has been supplying the nation’s coin collectors with top-of-the-line acrylic holders for more than 20 years.

The company manufactures holders in various shapes and sizes, making it easy to find the right fit for just about any coin or round. With a focus on top-notch products and low pricing, CoinSafe brand is proud to develop new products based on customer needs and input.

Morgan Silver Dollars

Minted from 1878 to 1904, and again in 1921, Morgan Silver Dollars were struck by the United States Mint after the largest silver discovery in United States history: the Comstock Lode. Following the massive discovery, congress mandated the purchase of silver and its use in coin production through the Bland-Allison Act.

Morgan Silver Dollars take their name from their designer, George Morgan, the seventh chief engraver of the US Mint. Each coin is composed of .77344 troy ounces of silver, and has a diameter of 38.1mm.

The obverse features Lady Liberty donning a headband labeled LIBERTY. Her curls are cascading loosely from a twist at the nape of her neck. She is surrounded by 13 stars representing the original colonies. The year of issue appears at the bottom.

The reverse of each Morgan Dollar features an American Eagle with the words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA at the top. It is also engraved with the motto IN GOD WE TRUST and the coin’s denomination.

Peace Silver Dollars

Minted from 1921 through 1928, and again from 1934 to 1935, the Peace Silver Dollar was produced in response to a groundswell of public support for a coin celebrating the restoration of peace after WWI. A successor to the popular Morgan Dollar, Peace Silver Dollars contain .77344 troy ounces of .999 fine silver.

Designed by Anthony de Francisci (and modeled after his wife Teresa), the obverse of each Peace Dollar features the profile of a left-facing crowned Lady Liberty, her hair flowing behind her. The reverse captures an American eagle at rest upon a rocky outcropping, peering at the sun through a pattern of rays. The eagle stands upon a rock inscribed with a single word: Peace.

Safeguard your Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars so you can pass them onto future generations. Purchase CoinSafe silver dollar tubes from Provident Metals today. Use our secure online ordering system and you’ll have your tubes in just days. Coins not included.

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