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  • Nebü 3.5g 24K Heart Charm
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  • Nebü 5.6g 24K Soft Hammered Charm
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  • Nebü 6g 24K Eternity Charm
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  • Nebü Gold Charms at Provident Metals

    Nebü is at the forefront of creating unique investment pieces in the form of wearable gold bullion. Their collections of fine jewelry are luxurious and can add a touch of gold to any outfit. A popular piece of jewelry they offer is Nebü Gold Charms. These charms can be paired perfectly with a necklace or a bracelet of your choosing giving you a vast range of options. Learn more about these Nebü Gold Charms, right here at Provident Metals.

    Nebü Gold Charm Designs

    No matter which Nebü Gold Charm you choose, they will all have .9999 pure gold and feature a 4-5mm loophole that can accommodate almost any necklace or bracelet.

    • Heart Charm: One popular option is the Heart Charm. This beautiful charm contains 3.5 grams of gold and is in the shape of a heart. These charms also feature a striking matte finish.
    • Eternity Charm: The Eternity Charm is a stunning charm that is in the shape of a circle, symbolizing eternal love and strength. These charms have a matte finish and contain 6 grams of pure gold.
    • Soft Hammered Charm: The Soft Hammered Charm has 5.6 grams of pure gold. The design is simplistic, yet elegant, adding a stunning touch of gold to any outfit.

    Buying Nebü Gold Charms at Provident Metals

    Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Provident Metals customer service team with any questions you may have. Our team can be reached via email, through our online chat feature, or at our toll-free number of 1-800-313-3315.