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Silver Tudor Beasts

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Collect Tudor Beasts Silver Coins from Provident Metals

The Royal Mint of England is one of the foremost producers of gold and silver bullion in the world. In addition to releasing national currency for the United Kingdom, the Royal Mint issues bullion coinage. The Queen’s Beasts Series is one of its most recent examples of collectible coinage with a 10-coin release honoring the heraldry of the monarchy. Another collection is now available to history and monarchy enthusiasts in the form of the Tudor Beasts Series.

Design #1 – Seymour Panther

Up first in the Tudor Beasts Series is the heraldic animal from the badges and arms of Jane Seymour, the third wife of King Henry VIII. Upon her marriage to Henry VIII, Jane Seymour was gifted a panther as her heraldic beast by her new husband. The Queen Consort of King Henry VIII, Jane Seymour was represented in English heraldry with the Seymour Panther. The spotted panther is seated behind a shield that has the Seymour Wings on it, a set of angelic wings conjoined at the middle with the wingtips pointed downward. Inscriptions on this face include SEYMOUR PANTHER and 2022.

Design #2 – Lion of England

For the second issue in the proof Tudor Beasts Series, the Royal Mint focuses on the leading heraldic beast in English history. Since 1198, the Lion of England has featured in the Royal Arms of England and served as an important supporter of the coat of arms of various monarchs. The new Lion of England design in the Tudor Beasts Series features the seated, crowned Lion of England supporting a shield with the combined arms of King Henry VIII and Jane Seymour.

Packaging for Tudor Beasts Silver Coins

As with its counterparts in the Tudor Beasts Gold Series, the Tudor Beasts Silver Coins have varying packaging options based on BU or Proof version. The Proof Tudor Beasts are all individually packaged in Royal Mint displays with a themed shipper and Certificate of Authenticity. All proof coins have a black presentation box, with the exception of the 1 kilo coin which comes in a wooden presentation box.

For the BU Tudor Beasts Silver Coins, the Royal Mint offers 2 oz and 10 oz coins with individual and bulk packaging available. 2 oz coins come in individual flips, acrylic tubes of 10, or Monster Boxes of 200 silver coins, while 10 oz coins have individual capsules or boxes of 15 coins.

A Comment on Design Order

The Royal Mint has issued the designs in the Tudor Beasts Series with different orders of release for the Proof and BU specimens. The following represents the order of the designs, to date, in the Proof and BU collections:

  • Proof – Seymour Panther, Lion of England
  • BU – Lion of England

While the order going forward cannot be known for certain, the 10 designs the Royal Mint has chosen are known and include (in no particular order):

  • Seymour Panther
  • Lion of England
  • Greyhound of Richmond
  • Yale of Beaufort
  • Tudor Dragon
  • Seymour Unicorn
  • Royal Dragon
  • Queen’s Lion
  • Black Bull of Clarence
  • Queen’s Panther

About the Tudor Dynasty

Established in 1485, the Tudor Dynasty earned a reputation for scandals over the course of the 128 years it controlled the crown of England. King Henry VII, formerly Henry Tudor, established the dynasty with his defeat of King Richard III of the House of York at the Battle of Bosworth. His victory ended the Wars of the Roses between his House of Lancaster and the House of York. Henry’s marriage to Elizabeth of York solidified his position on the throne and secured a dynasty that would become infamous under the rule of his son, King Henry VIII, who was responsible for England’s break from Rome and the Roman Catholic Church. Queen Elizabeth I might be the most memorable monarch for good reasons as she led the kingdom through a bright period of growth.

Collecting Tudor Beasts Silver from Provident Metals

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