BU Canadian 80% Silver Half Dollars $10 Face Value Roll

Like pre-1965 quarters and dimes in the U.S., the Canadian half-dollar minted from 1920 to 1967 is a popular coin among small investors and survivalists. Comprised of 80% silver and 20% copper, these coins once served as legal tender and still carry a face value of 50-cents in Canada. The silver within them though is worth much more, so like pre-‘65 coins in the U.S., the Canadian silver half-dollar began disappearing from general circulation once the coin’s composition was changed to a less valuable metal.

Continue reading for some quick facts, investment insight and a brief history of the Canadian half-dollar silver coin.

80% Canadian Silver Half-Dollar Quick Facts and Brief History

Type Bullion (Investment)
Mintage Royal Canadian Mint (1920-1967)
Weights / Denominations 0.2925 troy ounces silver per coin. Face Value = $0.50 (Canadian)
Front Design The front (obverse) side of the 80% Canadian silver half-dollar coin includes a bust portrait of various British monarchs, including (in order) George V, George VI and Elizabeth II. The perimeter surrounding the portrait would include the monarch's name and a motto like "Dei Gratia Regina," which is Latin for "By the Grace of God, Queen."
Rear Design The reverse side of the 80% Canadian half-dollar coin (after 1936) consisted of various designs of Canada's coat-of-arms. The coat-of-arms for Canada honors the four founding nations – England, Scotland, Ireland and France. Prior to 1936, the obverse design consisted of crossed maple boughs.
Brief History The half-dollar silver coin from Canada traces its origins back to 1870. The original issue contained .925 sterling silver. Canadian coins were in fact produced in England until the Royal Canadian Mint opened its doors in 1901. Following World War I, Canada reduced the silver content to 80% due to shortages. In 1967, silver was removed completely from the half-dollar. Soon, the more valuable silver coins dropped out of circulation.
Why Buy? Silver coins like the Canadian 80% half-dollar represent a cost-effective way to invest in precious metals. Budget-conscious buyers will enjoy the low-cost, while survivalists enjoy the small-denominations for barter. Any type of investor can buy coins like this to hedge against inflation. The 80% half-dollar from Canada is still highly recognized legal tender, but the value of the silver they contain is recognized throughout the world.
Silver Bullion Content 0.2925 troy ounces of silver per coin (80%)
0.1187 troy ounces of copper per coin (20%)
Other Specifications

80% Canadian Half-Dollar (1920-1967)

  • Diameter = 29.72 mm (1.17 in.)
  • Gross Weight = 11.66 grams (0.41 ounces)
  • Face Value = $0.50 (Canadian)

Coins like the 80% silver half-dollar from Canada represent a practical and unique way to invest in precious metals. Even though these coins are available for a low premium, they’re considered historic by many since they were once used for general commerce. Today, investors look to coins like the 80% Canadian half-dollar as a cost-effective investment, inflation hedge, and barter tool in the event of emergency.

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