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Atlantis Mint

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Atlantis Mint is a privately owned incorporated mint that specializes in the production of Hand Poured Silver Bars. The Atlantis Mint has accumulated considerable experience in the precious metals industry, and has applied that experience and knowledge to offer high quality Silver and Copper Bullion at competitive prices.

Atlantis Mint is family-owned and family operated, and are consequently sensitive to the needs of the broad gamut of investors. Offering compelling and dynamic designs on all their Precious Metal Bullion, products from the Atlantis Mint will find a place in any investment portfolio.

Through Provident Metals, the Atlantis Mint offers Hand Poured Silver Bars that vary in size, design, and shape. The smallest of Provident Metal's offerings is the Atlantis Mint's 10 g Hand Poured Silver Bar, and the largest is the 10 oz Skull and Crossbones Hand Poured Silver Bar. Many Atlantis Mint products carry the piratic Skull and Crossbones, while others carry a variety of extant and mythological creatures.

Because each of these silver bars is hand poured, each bar is unique. Individual bars of the same weight and design will vary from one another in shape and tone. Each bar is consistently composed, however, of .999 Fine Silver.

Support the age-old tradition, and the artisans of the poured silver trade. Order an Atlantis Mint fine poured silver bar today and take advantage of Free Shipping!