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20 Facts
About Nevada

Nevada Trivia and Interesting Facts

Although Nevada is primarily known for its casinos, its history and people make Nevada one of the most unique states in the U.S. Continue reading to learn 20 interesting facts about the Silver State.

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1 The bill to legalize gambling in Nevada was first passed in March of 1931.
2 Nevada is one of the world's leading producers of gold.
3 The Hoover Dam is one of Nevada's most famous tourist attractions. To this day it is the largest single public works project in U.S. history. It contains over 3.25 million cubic yards of concrete.
4 Las Vegas is home to over 150,000 hotel rooms - more than anywhere else on the planet.
5 Nevada gets its name from the Spanish for "snow-covered" because of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.
6 Although Nevada does have some areas that are snow-covered, most of the state is desert. In fact, Nevada is one of the driest states in the United States.
7 Nevada became our 36th state on October 31, 1864 in the midst of the Civil War.
8 Nevada is home to Lake Tahoe, which is the largest alpine lake in North America and the second deepest lake in the U.S.
9 Nevada was the first state to ratify the Fifteenth Amendment prohibiting the federal and state government to limit voting based on race.
10 Nevada is home to the majority of the country's wild horse population.
11 Although Samuel Clemens is famous for his works about the Mississippi River, he moved to Nevada in 1861 to try silver mining. He took a job as a newspaper editor in Virginia City, and it is there where he first used his famous pen name Mark Twain.
12 Nevada's state bird is the Mountain Bluebird and the state flower is the Sagebrush.
13 The area now known as Nevada was claimed by both Spain and Mexico before the United States took over at the end of the Mexican-American War in 1848.
14 Famous Nevada natives include former first lady Patricia Ryan Nixon and tennis player Andre Agassi.
15 Nevada is home to what is known as the Extraterrestrial Highway. Many individuals have claimed to have experienced UFO sightings along this 98-mile stretch of road.
16 Nevada has more mountain ranges than any other state in the country. Its highest point sits at 13,145 feet.
17 The Stratosphere in Las Vegas is the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States.
18 Nevada is the driest state in the United States with only around 7 inches of rainfall per year on average.
19 Hidden Cave in Nevada is home to the oldest skeletons of early men ever to be found within the United States. They were discovered in 1949.
20 Nevada's key industries include agriculture, tourism, entertainment, mining and manufacturing.
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"Of all the mountain ranges I have climbed, I like the Sierra Nevada the best."
- John Muir