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Buying or Selling
Gold and Silver in New York

Your comprehensive resource for buying and selling bullion in the state of New York.

How you buy precious metal coins, bars, or other bullion greatly depends on which state you shop in. Each state has its own tax regulations and state laws in place that could affect your purchase.

The state of New York is no exception. Here, you can learn more about New York’s precious metals state laws and other facts about buying or selling bullion in the Empire State.

New York Sales Tax

New York imposes a state tax on both coins and paper currency; however, there are certain exemptions for precious metal bullion. Firstly, said bullion must consist of bars, coins, or rounds that are made of a precious metal. Secondly, the total value of the purchase price must be at least $1,000 for exemption to count. It should be noted that bullion coins from South Africa are always excluded from the exemption.

New York Capital Gains Tax

If you choose to sell your precious metal bullion, New York does impose a capital gains tax of a combined rate of 31.5%, making it the second highest state in the country.

Self-Directed IRA

A truly diversified portfolio includes precious metals, so when you're planning for retirement, consider adding qualified bullion to your Self Directed IRA. Contact us to get started or visit our Precious Metals IRA page to learn how you can invest.

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