The Royal Canadian Mint has approved Provident Metals’ WWI Mark V Tank concept, and allocated them the complete mintage of this historic Silver Maple Privy

DALLAS, TX–(February 2, 2016)–Leading precious metals retailer, Provident Metals (, has announced the release of their privy featuring the famous World War I Mark V Tank. The concept for this commemorative 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple coin was conceived by Provident Metals’ marketing and creative teams, and approved by the Royal Canadian Mint which also granted Provident Metals exclusive distribution rights.

The Mark V made its debut during World War I, and allowed the British Army to break a trench warfare stalemate with the Axis powers. 2016 represents 100 years since the introduction of the Mark series of tank, and a dramatic paradigm shift in ground warfare strategy.

Like other tanks in this era, the Mark V varied by armament. “Female” tanks were armed with five Hotchkiss machine guns, while “male” tanks carried two additional six-pounder guns to target enemy outposts.

The Silver Maple Tank Privy features the “male” Mark V beneath the Canadian Maple Leaf on the reverse of this coin.

“World War I was a time of incredible technological advancement that changed the face of war forever,” says Provident CEO Joseph Merrick. “We were excited to work with RCM on this privy.”

Provident Metals and The Royal Canadian Mint are proud to commemorate Canada’s military contributions during WWI with the 2016 Canadian Silver Maple Mark V Tank Privy.

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