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Nebü Gold Rings at Provident Metals

One of the hottest names in the gold bullion industry is Nebü. The Popular brand is creating luxurious gold investment pieces that you can wear, in the form of jewelry. Now, you can show off your gold investment with your outfit. A popular jewelry option is Nebü Gold Rings. Nebü offers a wide array of unique styles and designs, with each containing .9999 pure gold. Learn more about these Nebü Gold Rings right here at Provident Metals.

Types of Nebü Gold Rings

Most Nebü Gold Rings are similar to the Nebü Bangles and Wrist Cuffs with their open-ended designs. However, Nebü also offers traditional curved rings.

  • Open-ended: This unique style of ring has an open-ended concept. This allows the gold to form around your finger over time. These Nebü Gold Rings can fit any finger in a size 6-7.5. These rings, depending on the design, come with a striking matte or polished finish.
  • Curved: Nebü also offered curved rings that resemble a traditional wedding band. Unlike the open-ended design, these rings feature no opening. At Provident Metals, we have curved rings in both men’s and women’s sizes. All of these rings will have a polished finish to them.

Broad Collections

When browsing all Nebü Gold Jewelry, you’ll see the same design across multiple pieces of jewelry. These are part of broader collections that pair well together.

  • Classic Ring: This open-ended ring features a classic gold ring design and pairs perfectly with the Classic Bangle.
  • Hammered Cuff Ring: Another open-ended ring, this gold ring has a textured design. It’s part of a broader collection and can be paired with the Hammered Wrist Cuff, Hammered Infinite Spiral Bangle, and the Hammered Obelisk Earrings.
  • Molten Ring: One of the more unique designs from Nebü, these open-ended rings showcase a molten lava design making it appear like hot lava is wrapped around your finger. This ring goes perfectly with the Molten Drop Earrings, Molten Orb Pendant, and the Molten Drop Pendant.
  • Twist Ring: This open-ended ring has a simple yet elegant twist design and can be paired with the Twist Bangle.

Purchasing Nebü Gold Rings at Provident Metals

Contact the Provident Metals customer service team at 1-800-313-3315 for any questions you may have. Our team can also be reached via email or through our online chat feature.