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Elemetal Silver Rounds

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Prepare for the future with Silver Rounds from Elemetal Mint. When you add quality silver bullion to your portfolio from industry-leading mints, like Elemetal, you are building an investment that has proven its value and utility throughout history.

Elemetal offers a variety of stunning designs, including many ultra-high relief options. Series like the American Landmarks offer collectors of US history the perfect investment option for expanding their portfolio while the Privateer series gives pirate fans an option to add some dramatically themed bullion to their collection.

Privateer Series

The Privateer Series from Elemetal offers 2 oz rounds with .999 pure silver content. Each release features a proof visual in the design element with frosted strikes on mirrored fields. The rounds in this collection also boast high-relief strikes. A high-relief strike is one that produces a deep background field with greater visual depth for the raised design element. Designs featured in this collection include:

  • The Privateer/Storm – the first release features a hearty pirate with his coveted privateer ship. Sailing on choppy waters, the privateer enjoys a moon-lit night with ominous clouds on the horizon.
  • The Siren – the song of the siren is one all ancient mariners feared. It was believed that the beauty of the siren’s song betrayed many sailors in leading them to hideous beasts and certain doom.
  • The Captain – wielding control with an iron fist, the Captain leads his men in one raid after another. The Captain is ready for battle with a cutlass in hand as he guards his personal treasure.
  • The Kraken – perhaps the most feared beast of the seas, the Kraken kills without thought. Sailors from the North Sea to the Caribbean feared the massive Kraken and its ability to bring down an entire ship with its seemingly-countless tentacles.
  • The Plank – for the rowdiest or most treacherous members of the crew, the Captain has a special punishment in mind. Those who dare turn on the Captain will walk the plank and be left to swim to shore, fight off the sharks, or worse.
  • The White Whale – inspired by Moby Dick and Ahab’s battle with a massive whale, the White Whale is the penultimate issue. It depicts a massive whale crashing into the side of the ship to seek revenge on whalers.
  • Davy Jones Locker – for those Captains, crews, and ships that never make it back to shore, Davy Jones Locker awaits. The depths of the sea is where ships go when sunk, and is often the final resting place for sailors as well.

Mintages for Privateer Series Rounds

The aforementioned designs in the Privateer Series came with mintages that varied across the collection. The individual appeal of the designs resulted in the ebb and flow of the mintages. Announced mintages for the designs include:

  • The Storm: 70,344 rounds
  • The Siren: 61,640 rounds
  • The Captain: 66,839 rounds

Landmark Series

Like the Privateer Series, the Landmark Series from Elemetal also comes with 2 Troy oz .999 pure silver rounds. While the Privateer Series featured designs inspired by life on the high seas, the Landmark Series depicts famous geographic landmarks and manmade sites across the country. The designs offered in this limited collection include:

  • Grand Canyon – Arguably one of the greatest natural landmarks in North America, the Grand Canyon is represented by the image of Horseshoe Bend. Here, the Colorado River carved out a lone crop of massive rock as it made a large hook while cutting its way through the canyon over millions of years.
  • Liberty Island – A sight for sore eyes for millions, Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty were the first thing millions of immigrants arriving in the United States saw after making the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Pearl Harbor – Encapsulated beneath the waves, the USS Arizona Memorial stands today as a resting place for the brave US Navy sailors on duty at Pearl Harbor during the surprise attack by the Japanese, and serves as a reminder to a nation about the importance of constant vigilance.
  • Mount Rushmore – Manmade meets nature as the effigies of some of the nation’s greatest presidents feature on the edge of cliffs in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Here, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln look out on the nation.

Mintages in the Landmark Series

The release of the Landmark Series from Elemetal was met with differing levels of demand from collectors. As such, mintage figures range across the series based on how much interest there was for the images and sights featured:

  • Grand Canyon: 18,152 rounds
  • Liberty Island: 24,490 rounds
  • Pearl Harbor: 25,326 rounds

Purchasing Elemetal Silver Rounds from Provident Metals

If you have any questions about the Elemetal Silver Rounds available at Provident Metals, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our customer service team is available to you at 800-313-3315, online using our live chat, and via our email address. Our Payment Policies page has all the quick answers to your payment-related questions, including accepted payment types, possible discounts, and purchasing limits.