5000 Piece Bag Copper Lincoln Pennies | 32+ Pounds

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Each bag will contain 5000 pieces of copper Lincoln pennies. Each Lincoln penny is composed of 3.11 grams of 95% pure copper, making each 5000 piece bag contain approximately 32.5 pounds of pure copper! Coins will arrive in varied condition from circulated to uncirculated.

Coins will ship in a sealed Provident Metals canvas bag.

Put on your intrepid adventurer hat and get ready to fill your treasure trove with bags of copper Lincoln pennies!

The avid collector can sort through this canvas bag of pennies, each composed of 3.11 grams of 95% pure copper, seeking particularly rare or collectible coins--who knows what you’ll find in this grab bag?

Regardless of your search, you are bound to find 32.5 pounds of pure copper in this heavyweight collection of pennies! Your coins will be in a variable condition, from circulated to uncirculated, all together in one sealed canvas Provident Metals bag.

These coins, minted between 1946-1981, are guaranteed to contain 3.11 grams of copper. The construction of the penny evolved over the years, with some pennies officially “brass” or “bronze” pennies. Some mint years carry extra numismatic value, so be on the lookout! The pennies minted after 1982 are copper-plated zinc, but contain less copper by weight, so are not included in this set.

Whether you are a numismatic collector ready for a treasure hunt or a pragmatic survivalist looking for a low-value trade item, this 5000-piece bag will have you set up for success. Order your big bag of pennies today through Provident Metals’ secure online purchasing system, and let the hunt begin!

Product Details

Availability In Stock
Year Random
Copper Content Approx 32.5 lbs
Condition Circulated
Mint Various
Brand U.S. Mint
SKU BBUC-01758
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