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Nebü Gold Necklaces at Provident Metals

Necklaces are unique pieces of jewelry that can be worn by themselves or paired with a charm or a bracelet. One popular necklace option is Nebü Gold Necklaces. Unlike most Nebü products, these necklaces are made from 22K gold rather than the typical 24K gold. Learn more about these stunning wearable gold bullion pieces of jewelry right here, at Provident Metals.

Designs of Nebü Gold Necklaces

Provident Metals offers a wide array of Nebü Gold Necklaces. These designs are simple but offer versatility as they can be worn separately or paired with another piece of jewelry such as a Nebü pendant or a Nebü charm.

  • Figaro Trinity Chain: This necklace features a repeating pattern of a single long chain, followed by three interlocking chains.
  • Flat Curb Chain: This necklace is like the Round Cable Chain, except flatter.
  • Rope Chain: This necklace showcases a unique braided-rope design that creates a stunning texture when you rub your hand across it.
  • Round Cable Chain: This necklace features rounded cables that interlock with one another, creating a striking design.
  • Wheat Chain: This necklace has an intriguing wheat stalk design that also creates a beautiful texture.

Investing in Nebü Gold Necklaces at Provident Metals

Call the Provident Metals customer service team at 1-800-313-3315 with any questions you may have regarding Nebü Gold Necklaces. Alternatively, our team can be contacted via email or through our online chat feature.