Dallas-based online bullion dealer donates proceeds from exclusive silver and copper coins commemorating fallen heroes

DALLAS, Texas - JULY 10, 2013 – Provident Metals™, a leading online provider of sovereign and private mint bullion, and Love Your Veterans, a national campaign that raises awareness and appreciation for veterans of the armed forces, have partnered to assist veteran support programs and organizations throughout the world.

Melanie Davis, author and founder of Love Your Veterans, wrote the Amazon Bestseller “The Triumph Book: HEROES,” a compilation of 27 first-person stories from military veterans with different ranks and backgrounds. Her work inspired the designs behind the “No Hero Left Behind” and “Guardian Angels” silver and copper coins at Provident Metals.

“We want to honor the bravery and sacrifice of our armed forces with a series of coins whose subject matter is engaging and thought provoking,” said J.W. Haugen, VP of sales at Provident Metals. “The goal is to inspire people, raise awareness and ultimately to show our gratitude.”

While collecting stories for “HEROES,” Davis was informed of multiple experiences of injured soldiers being assisted on the battlefield by deceased comrades. One story inspired the design by Wes Scales, veteran and graphic designer, that depicted soldiers with wings surrounding an injured warrior on a battlefield. Scales’ image became the back cover of “HEROES” and the reverse of the “Guardian Angels” silver and copper coins. These stories do not appear in the book as the soldiers wanted to keep their details sacred.

The “No Hero Left Behind” silver and copper reverses portray a Marine seated on a rock with rays of sunlight shining down upon him. The picture was captured by Marine Combat Photojournalist Cpl. Tyler W. Hill in Iraq on the one-year anniversary of the death of the Marine’s comrade. It represents the ray of hope that shines down even in the midst of a war-torn battlefield.

Davis wanted a logo for Love Your Veterans that symbolized patriotism and love for the country while serving as a constant reminder of our gratitude to military forces and veterans. Joshua George, Army veteran, designed a wavy heart filled with stars and stripes that is showcased on the obverse of each coin. Davis hopes the symbol gains recognition across the globe and the national campaign accomplishes its goals of supporting veterans.

“Provident Metals’ support of Love Your Veterans with the minting of these gorgeous coins is a direct and powerful action towards our important mission of raising awareness, appreciation and funds for our real heroes,” Davis said. “With the stunning images they have chosen to feature, these coins can be a provocative reminder of the sacrifices for our freedom.”

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