Gold Coins

Gold Coins - Offering the ultimate store of value and financial security

Throughout history, gold coins have offered the ultimate source of wealth preservation and growth. Once used as a medium of exchange for everyday goods, gold coins have by far been the most stable asset in the history of mankind. Many modern day investors buy gold coins for their unmatched purity, consistency and refuge against economic turmoil.

When chaos ensues here or around the world, gold coins are seen as one of the only tangible assets that can thrive amid much uncertainty. And since you can keep gold coins in your physical possession, they offer a kind of security hardly any other investment can.

Why buy gold coins?

  • Protect the value of your wealth against inflation/declining value of paper-based currencies like the U.S. dollar
  • Including gold coins in your investment portfolio allows further diversification. Some gold coins in fact can be included in a self-directed IRA.
  • Small size of gold bullion coins makes it easy to distribute them as gifts
  • Gold coins also offer a great collectors' item and opportunity to commemorate historical events

Where can I find gold coins for sale?

Investors both large and small can enjoy a wide selection of gold coins ranging from the popular American Gold Eagle to the long standing South African Krugerrand. Many are also available in smaller denominations too, making the opportunity to buy gold coins within reach for even the smallest investor.

Take a look around to find the gold coins that best meet your investment or collection goals. Options include:

  • American Gold Eagle and Gold Buffalo coins – available in 1-oz denominations or smaller
  • Canadian Gold Maple coins – available in 1-oz denominations or smaller
  • Gold coins from mints around the world, including Mexico, China, Austria, South Africa and more!

How do I start owning gold coins?

To see current prices and availability of gold coins, browse around our main site for more. Our secure online ordering system makes buying gold coins easy and safe. Once your order is confirmed, your gold coins will reach your doorstep or IRA account in just days.

Have any questions? We’re available here online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And if you would prefer placing your order of gold coins by phone, please call (800) 313-3315 to speak with one of our friendly representatives.