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$10 Gold Eagle

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Buying $10 Gold Eagles is a unique way to invest in gold bullion, while preserving a piece of American coinage history.

We offer an array of historical $10 Liberty Gold Eagles as well as $10 Indian Head Gold Eagles issued as early as 1838 all the way through the early 1900’s! These fine United States Mint coins are valuable for both their gold bullion content and valuable to collectors because of their age and significance. By United States law, since all are considered collector’s items or heirloom pieces, purchasing them protects your bullion wealth from seizure by the United States Treasury in the event of a national emergency such as economic depression, metal hoarding, or war. All can serve as legal tender, but their intrinsic value in gold is much greater than their stated denomination of ten dollars.

You can select Liberty or Indian Head gold coins from our almost uncirculated, extra fine, or polished and cleaned caches, but whatever condition or issue you select will give you the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made an investment in America’s fine coinage history. Liberty Head Gold Eagles were minted in two slight variations from 1838 through 1907 in Philadelphia (no mintmark), San Francisco (S mintmark), New Orleans (O), Carson City, Nevada (CC), and Denver (D). They are composed of .90% gold yielding .48375 troy ounces of pure gold per coin, and measure 27mm in diameter. Saint-Gaudens Indian Head Eagles were minted from 1907 through 1933 in Philadelphia (no mintmark), San Francisco (S mintmark), and Denver (D). They are composed of .90% gold yielding .48375 troy ounces of pure gold per coin and measure 27mm in diameter.

While the Liberty Eagle began its mintage in 1838, the Indian Head Eagles replaced them and were first minted in 1907. In 1837, acting Chief Engraver Christian Gobrecht was charged with sculpting the coin that would come to be known proudly as the Liberty Head Eagle based on its obverse and reverse designs. Gobrecht was the third Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint from 1835 until his death in 1844. He sculpted the famous Seated Liberty, the Gobrecht Dollar, and inspired the Flying Eagle cent. Gobrecht found his inspiration for the front of the Liberty Eagle in Benjamin West’s famous painting, Omnia Vincit Amor or Love Conquers All. It depicts a left-facing bust of Liberty with her hair knotted in back, stray curls at her neck, and wearing a coronet inscribed with the word “Liberty.” The reverse features a very naturalistic American eagle, shield across its breast, clutching both an olive branch and arrows in its talons.

In 1905, President Theodore Roosevelt attended an exhibition of ancient Greek coins at the Smithsonian Museum, and the golden era of American coinage began. He was greatly impressed by the Greek coins’ artistic beauty and their power in symbolizing a nation’s greatness. He envisioned an entire new generation of coins that would represent the greatness of an America awakening to its emerging power and importance in the world. He knew just the man who could pull it off–the great sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens. In 1905, Saint-Gaudens’ artistic style perfectly captured the spirit of the American Renaissance at that time, and he was the most prominent sculptor in the United States. Upon Roosevelt’s direct request, Saint-Gaudens readily agreed to take up the challenge and immediately began work on the Double Eagle $20 and $10 gold pieces. Saint-Gaudens passed away before he could complete designs for an entire run of American coins, but he did leave us with two great masterpieces. The Eagle’s obverse design is inspired directly by Saint-Gauden’s monument to General William T. Sherman in New York’s Central Park. It depicts Lady Liberty in profile facing left and wearing the Native American feathered war bonnet that President Roosevelt insisted upon. The reverse of the coin captures a bold American eagle standing proudly on a bundle of arrows beneath the inscriptions “United States of America”.

Collect your historical gold coins from our fine selection of Liberty and Indian Head Eagles, and know that you’ve made a wise investment in both bullion and in a piece of American history. Please read the product descriptions for specific weights, dates, condition, and current availability. When you use our completely secure on-line ordering system, you can rest assured that your order will arrive safely and in just days! Provident Metals is “The People’s On-Line Bullion Dealer.” Power to the People!