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Medieval Legends

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The Medieval Legends Series from Provident Metals

At Provident Metals, we take great pride in delivering the best collectible series to our enthusiastic buyers. One of the newest collections of bullion rounds we are pleased to offer to our customers is the new Medieval Legends Series. This exciting new collection offers images of well-known folk heroes and figures from the Medieval Period of human history. With the release of the Robin Hood design, this beautiful new series kicks off with a bang.

Series Launch – Robin Hood

There’s hardly a child or adult in North America who hasn’t heard of the famous bandit from Sherwood Forest. Though exact accounts of his life remain murky, assuming he existed at all, the tale of Robin Hood has proved enduring. The name is still applied as a general term to those who do good for the poor of the world in an anonymous or semi-anonymous manner. Although the tale of Robin Hood varies in English folklore, the most common retelling puts Robin Hood around during the reign of King Richard I.

After Robin Hood returns from fighting in the Third Crusades with King Richard I of England, he finds that the evil Prince John has taken over the throne and is wasting the kingdom’s money on his own excesses. To fuel his own greed, Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham are heavy-handedly taxing the poor peasants of England. Having lost his own family estate while he was away, Robin Hood turns to his military skills to rob from the rich and give back to the poor.

The story of Robin Hood follows his run-ins with the Sheriff of Nottingham and the forces of Prince John. Robin’s common targets are tax collectors, and many find themselves ambushed in Sherwood Forest.

Whatever you believe about the tale of Robin Hood, his desire to do good for those who are least vulnerable in society is one that resonates to this day.

On the obverse side of the new Medieval Legends Robin Hood Rounds, you will find the famed archer of Sherwood Forest ready for the fight. In this design, he has his cloak up over his head as he draws an arrow back in his bow. With his gaze locked in, he is ready to let fly on his enemies to fight back against tyranny and injustice.

Common Series Reverse

The reverse side of all Medieval Legends Rounds will feature the same design element. This common reverse offers clues to all six legendary figures that will feature in this series. The iconic relics of these folk heroes are laid out on a wooden table in the room of a stone castle with the table set up facing a stained glass window.

Pied Piper – 2nd Release in the Series

For the second design of the Medieval Legends Series, the series moves from the forests of England to the village of Hamelin in Lower Saxony, Germany. During the Middle Ages, the people of this town had a folktale about the Pied Piper, a man known to use his magical pipe to lure rats away from villages. He was hired by many villages in the area to lure away the rats. However, should you fail to pay the Pied Piper for his services, he would exact a most terrible revenge.

In the obverse design of the new Pied Piper Round in the Medieval Legends Series, you see the suave Pied Piper using his pipe to enchant the children of the town and lure them away as revenge for the village failing to pay him for his rat-catching services. The origin of the Pied Piper is first recorded in a stained glass window work of art that dates to 1300. Though the church itself was destroyed in 1660, there are both written records of the stained glass window and a 1592 painting of the Pied Piper based on the window art that survive to this day.

Rounds Available in the Medieval Legends Series

With each design release in the Medieval Legends Series, you will find the designs available on 1 oz silver rounds and 1 oz copper, with both rounds boasting .999 pure metal content.

Collector’s Box

If you’re thinking of following along with all the releases in this series, the best way to store your Medieval Legends is with the new Provident Metals Medieval Legends Collector Box. The box has the Provident Metals logo on the exterior of the lid, with a slot inside to hold each design from the series in both its silver round and copper round form. The closed box can be housed in a sleeve that looks just like a Medieval scroll.

Mintages in the Medieval Legends Series

There is no mintage cap on the release of each design in the Medieval Legends Series. The designs are, however, minted for a limited time up until the next design goes into production. Available mintages to date in the series include:

  • Robin Hood – 64,220 silver rounds, 40,000 copper rounds

Build Your Medieval Legends Collection with Provident Metals

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