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Medieval Legends

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1 oz Copper Medieval Legends King Arthur Round New | SilverTowne

In Stock

Introducing the captivating Medieval Legends Series, now with its grand finale featuring the legendary King Arthur! You can own the 1 oz Copper Medieval Legends King Arthur Rounds right here at Provident Metals. Highlights: Arrives with protective flips, tubes of 20, or boxes of 500 rounds for your convenience! This marks the 7th and final release of the Medieva...Read More

1-19 $1.99 $2.01 $2.07
20-99 $1.79 $1.81 $1.86
100+ $1.59 $1.61 $1.66

1 oz Copper Medieval Legends Pied Piper Round New | SilverTowne

In Stock

With the release of a Pied Piper design, the Medieval Legends offers its second design following the series debut with the Robin Hood image. This design element depicts the central figure from the folktale of a rat-catcher who went from town to town using his magical pipe to lure rats away from villages and population centers. But beware, crossing the Pied Piper comes with...Read More

1-19 $2.69 $2.72 $2.80
20-99 $2.39 $2.41 $2.49
100-499 $2.09 $2.11 $2.18
500+ $1.69 $1.71 $1.76

1 oz Copper Medieval Legends William Tell Round New | SilverTowne

In Stock

Any quantity available for $2.89!

Most people have likely heard of the Swiss folk hero William Tell. The fourth figure to feature in the custom Medieval Legends Series, William Tell’s exploits with a crossbow are legendary, but the full breadth of his tale is one that most might not realize....Read More

1-19 $2.89 $2.92 $3.01
20-99 $2.59 $2.62 $2.70
100-499 $2.29 $2.31 $2.39
500+ $1.89 $1.91 $1.97

1 oz Copper Medieval Legends Tristan and Isolde Round New | SilverTowne

In Stock

There are few love stories from the Medieval history of Europe as well-known and established as that of Tristan and Isolde. At its heart, the story offers a glimpse into the chivalric romance of the era when a young knight from Cornwall fell in love with an Irish princess he was escorting on a journey. Today, you have the chance to get 1 oz Copper Medieval Legends Tristan ...Read More

1-19 $2.89 $2.92 $3.01
20-99 $2.59 $2.62 $2.70
100-499 $2.29 $2.31 $2.39
500+ $1.89 $1.91 $1.97

1 oz Silver Medieval Legends King Arthur Round New | SilverTowne

In Stock

As low as $3.19 per round over spot!

Introducing the final release of the captivating Medieval Legends Series, featuring the legendary King Arthur. This marks the perfect conclusion following the previous release that showcased the Holy Grail. Central to Arthurian lore is the quest for the Holy G...Read More

1-19 $33.85 $34.20 $35.26
20-99 $33.55 $33.90 $34.95
100-499 $33.25 $33.60 $34.64
500+ $32.85 $33.19 $34.22

Provident Metals Medieval Legends Series 14 Piece Collector's Box

In Stock

Provident Metals is proud to offer its customers the seven unique designs of the Medieval Legends Series of custom rounds. The collection takes buyers on a journey through the history of the Medieval period by showcasing the images of seven different figures from popular folklore and cultural tales. To ensure your set is ideally presented and protected, Provident Metals ev...Read More

1+ $39.99 $40.41 $41.66

The Medieval Legends Series from Provident Metals

At Provident Metals, we take great pride in delivering the best collectible series to our enthusiastic buyers. One of the newest collections of bullion rounds we are pleased to offer to our customers is the new Medieval Legends Series. This exciting new collection offers images of well-known folk heroes and figures from the Medieval Period of human history. With the release of the Robin Hood design, this beautiful new series kicks off with a bang.

Series Launch – Robin Hood

There’s hardly a child or adult in North America who hasn’t heard of the famous bandit from Sherwood Forest. Though exact accounts of his life remain murky, assuming he existed at all, the tale of Robin Hood has proved enduring. The name is still applied as a general term to those who do good for the poor of the world in an anonymous or semi-anonymous manner. Although the tale of Robin Hood varies in English folklore, the most common retelling puts Robin Hood around during the reign of King Richard I.

After Robin Hood returns from fighting in the Third Crusades with King Richard I of England, he finds that the evil Prince John has taken over the throne and is wasting the kingdom’s money on his own excesses. To fuel his own greed, Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham are heavy-handedly taxing the poor peasants of England. Having lost his own family estate while he was away, Robin Hood turns to his military skills to rob from the rich and give back to the poor.

The story of Robin Hood follows his run-ins with the Sheriff of Nottingham and the forces of Prince John. Robin’s common targets are tax collectors, and many find themselves ambushed in Sherwood Forest.

Whatever you believe about the tale of Robin Hood, his desire to do good for those who are least vulnerable in society is one that resonates to this day.

On the obverse side of the new Medieval Legends Robin Hood Rounds, you will find the famed archer of Sherwood Forest ready for the fight. In this design, he has his cloak up over his head as he draws an arrow back in his bow. With his gaze locked in, he is ready to let fly on his enemies to fight back against tyranny and injustice.

Common Series Reverse

The reverse side of all Medieval Legends Rounds will feature the same design element. This common reverse offers clues to all six legendary figures that will feature in this series. The iconic relics of these folk heroes are laid out on a wooden table in the room of a stone castle with the table set up facing a stained glass window.

Pied Piper – 2nd Release in the Series

For the second design of the Medieval Legends Series, the series moves from the forests of England to the village of Hamelin in Lower Saxony, Germany. During the Middle Ages, the people of this town had a folktale about the Pied Piper, a man known to use his magical pipe to lure rats away from villages. He was hired by many villages in the area to lure away the rats. However, should you fail to pay the Pied Piper for his services, he would exact a most terrible revenge.

In the obverse design of the new Pied Piper Round in the Medieval Legends Series, you see the suave Pied Piper using his pipe to enchant the children of the town and lure them away as revenge for the village failing to pay him for his rat-catching services. The origin of the Pied Piper is first recorded in a stained glass window work of art that dates to 1300. Though the church itself was destroyed in 1660, there are both written records of the stained glass window and a 1592 painting of the Pied Piper based on the window art that survives to this day.

Lady Godiva – 3rd Release in the Series

For the third release of the Medieval Legends Series, the collection features a figure whose deeds are legendary, but whose existence is unquestionably real. Lady Godiva was the wife of Leofric, the Earl of Mercia in 11th century England. A noblewoman, she was anything but a timid individual. The patron of countless churches and monasteries in England, Lady Godiva is perhaps best remembered for a feat of civil resistance, against her own husband no less.

Though Lady Godiva died between 1066 and 1086, a tale began to spread during the 13th century regarding an act of civil disobedience that was nothing short of eye-catching. In response to an oppressive tax that Leofric imposed on tenants on his lands, Lady Godiva is said to have ridden through the streets of Coventry on her horse without a stitch of clothing on her body. The only thing providing her cover was her long hair that was strategically placed.

The obverse design of the new Lady Godiva Medieval Legends Silver Round features a depiction of Lady Godiva on horseback. Riding through Coventry as she sits side-saddle on her horse, her long hair strategically covers portions of her body.

William Tell – 4th Release in the Series

In the fourth release of the Medieval Legends Series, we meet William Tell, a giant of a man whose legend is larger than life in Swiss folktales. A skilled mountain climber and an expert shot with a crossbow, William Tell’s story is set in 14th-century Switzerland as the Austrian House of Habsburg attempts to exert control over the region.

Tell is famous for standing up to the Habsburgs and their minions, with Tell becoming a symbol of Swiss rebellion following his assassination of Albrecht Gessler using his crossbow. Tell’s legend was so famous in Switzerland that it remained a part of Swiss culture through the end of World War II as he was viewed as a symbol of rebellion against tyranny.

For the obverse design of the new Medieval Legends William Tell Rounds, another famous piece of the William Tell legend comes to life in the design. As villagers and authorities look on, William Tell earns his freedom by successfully shooting an apple atop his own son’s head using none other than his trusted crossbow.

Tristan and Isolde – 5th Release in the Series

With the release of the Tristan and Isolde design, the Medieval Legends Series offers a story of two lovers on par with the tale of Romeo and Juliet. These two meet by chance and end up falling deeply in love, but not through a normal attraction. Instead, a bottle of love potion intervenes in helping these two fall deeply in love.

In Celtic and Welsh folklore, Tristan is a knight who has been sent by his uncle, a king, to recover and escort his soon-to-be bride. That bride, an Irish princess, is Isolde. As Tristan escorts Isolde back to his uncle, the two fall madly in love with the assistance of a little love potion. In the new obverse design for the series, we see Tristan approaching his love with the bottle of potion in his hand as Isolde reaches to embrace him.

On the reverse side, the common design element features once again with its relics spread out on the table of a Medieval stone castle. As it relates to this fifth release, you’ll notice a potion bottle as the relic reflecting this design.

Holy Grail – 6th Release in the Series

One of the most well-known legends in world history is that of the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail is one of the most discussed legends in human history as the exact form the Grail itself is one of the many mysteries of this legend.

The Holy Grail is a legendary object associated with Christian mythology and is believed to be the cup or dish used by Jesus Christ during the Last Supper. It is often depicted as a sacred vessel with mystical powers, capable of granting eternal youth, healing the sick, and providing infinite abundance.

On the obverse of the new Holy Grail Rounds, the most common image of the Grail is featured on a small table as an armored knight stands guard over the coveted Grail. The haunting background field suggests the fate of many of those who have sought the Grail as the wall behind the knight is made from human skulls and bones.

King Arthur – 7th and Final Release in the Series

As a follow-up to the 6th release, the Holy Grail, the Medieval Legends Series concludes with a depiction of the mythical figure most closely associated with the quest for the Holy Grail – King Arthur. Though he is famously associated with the quest for the Grail, one of the most iconic elements of the King Arthur legend is his sword, Excalibur. According to the legend, Excalibur was given to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake, a mystical and powerful figure. The sword was said to have magical properties and could only be wielded by the rightful king of Britain.

For the final design, Arthur is captured at the moment that his folklore beings. Here, a young Arthur is depicted as he removes Excalibur from the stone and establishes himself as the rightful King of England.

Rounds Available in the Medieval Legends Series

With each design release in the Medieval Legends Series, you will find the designs available on 1 oz silver rounds and 1 oz copper, with both rounds boasting .999 pure metal content.

Collector’s Box

If you’re thinking of following along with all the releases in this series, the best way to store your Medieval Legends is with the new Provident Metals Medieval Legends Collector Box. The box has the Provident Metals logo on the exterior of the lid, with a slot inside to hold each design from the series in both its silver round and copper round form. The closed box can be housed in a sleeve that looks just like a Medieval scroll.

Mintages in the Medieval Legends Series

There is no mintage cap on the release of each design in the Medieval Legends Series. The designs are, however, minted for a limited time up until the next design goes into production. Available mintages to date in the series include:

  • Robin Hood – 64,220 silver rounds, 40,000 copper rounds
  • Pied Piper – 50,000 silver rounds and 40,000 copper rounds
  • Lady Godiva – 70,500 silver rounds and 50,000 copper rounds
  • William Tell – 70,500 silver rounds and 25,000 copper rounds
  • Tristan and Isolde – 63,826 silver rounds and 15,000 copper rounds
  • Holy Grail – 30,105 silver rounds and 12,000 copper rounds
  • King Arthur – 27,500 silver rounds and 20,000 copper rounds

Build Your Medieval Legends Collection with Provident Metals

Provident Metals’ customer service is happy to assist you with questions at 800-313-3315. You can also chat with us live online or email us directly. If you have questions about payment methods, please don’t hesitate to visit our Payment Policies page for basic information on acceptable forms of payment, minimums and maximums, and even applicable discounts.