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Platinum Britannias

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Now the British Royal Mint’s flagship bullion coin, the Britannia series began in 1987 with the first Gold Britannia. The coin’s popularity prompted the creation of the Silver Britannia in 1997, and then the Platinum Britannia in 2018.

Platinum Britannia Design

Much like previous versions of the Britannia, the Platinum Britannia’s obverse features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II designed by Jody Clark. This is the fifth portrait of Her Majesty to be showcased on UK coinage during her long reign as a British monarch.

The female embodiment of Great Britain, known as Britannia, stands on the coin’s reverse. The design by Philip Nathan shows her by the oceanside holding Poseidon’s trident in one hand and a shield and olive branch in the other.

Why Are Platinum Britannias Valuable?

Platinum Britannias are made in one ounce and fractional weights, and each coin is guaranteed by the UK government and stamped with a face value. However, the platinum in these coins is worth far more than their denomination.

Though gold and silver have been considered stores of value for centuries, metals like platinum have been gaining in popularity in more recent years. Many people invest in platinum and other precious metals as a safe haven option, especially during times of weak economic performance. The value of Platinum Britannias will first and foremost depend on the current spot price of platinum. However, value may also be determined by a coin’s condition and rarity.

Serious investors might store their gold by way of a precious metals IRA account. This allows you the safety of storing your metals in a depository vault. Platinum Britannias–along with all other bullion coins produced by the British Royal Mint–are eligible for most of these types of accounts.

Where to Buy Platinum Britannias

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