02/23/2020 03:19:25 PM
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Provident Metals is a leading online retailer of international and domestic bullion, currency, numismatic coins, and other investment-grade metals. Known as the People’s Bullion Dealer, Provident was founded at the request of customers looking to buy precious metals from a partner they could trust. So from the ground up, Provident Metals was built to meet bullion investors’ unique needs.

The company’s tireless commitment to providing quality products with the best customer service in the industry has propelled the firm to become the premier online destination for sovereign and domestic bullion from around the world.

We invite you to explore what we have to offer, and experience the Provident Metals difference for yourself.

  A variety of beautiful 2 oz silver bullion coins are available from the Royal Canadian Mint to kickoff the 2020 release schedule. Among them is one that blends the mint’s traditional approach to wildlife designs with the creatures of the mythical world. The Creatures of the North 2 oz silver coin is now available...
  The final design from the World of Dragons collection at Provident Metals is now available to purchase on our website. The six designs in the silver and copper round collection include distinctive images of dragons from different cultures around the world. From benevolent to evil, winged to serpent-like, dragons have been a part of...
The 16th century set off an age of exploration that saw human civilizations construct ever bigger, ever grander sailing vessels to explore the world, expand trade routes, and increase humanity’s understanding of the world around it. An unfortunate side effect of this exploration was an increase in the goods, lives, and ships lost to shipwrecks....