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20 Facts
About Alaska

Alaska Trivia and Interesting Facts

Alaska is home to some of the wildest land in the America’s. With its incredible scenery and ranging wildlife, Alaska is a sight to behold. Without further ado, here are 20 facts about our 49th state.

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1 Alaska was first discovered in 1741, and its first settlement was established in 1784 by whalers and traders.
2 Alaska was purchased by the United States from Russia in 1867 for $7.2 million which equaled around 2 cents per acre.
3 While the area was purchased in the 19th century, it was not officially made our 49th state until January of 1959.
4 Oil and natural gas are large industries for Alaska. In fact, Alaska produces 25% of the United States' oil.
5 Alaska's official state flower is the forget-me-not while its state bird is the willow ptarmigan.
6 Alaska's population density is the lowest in the country.
7 In size, however, Alaska is first by leaps and bounds. It is over twice the size of the next largest state, Texas.
8 Alaska's massive coastline stretches over 6,600 miles.
9 Alaska's mountains are some of the highest in the country. In fact, 17 of America's 20 highest peaks are found within the state.
10 Alaska contains more active glaciers than anywhere on earth. Over 100,000 glaciers sit on five percent of the state.
11 About one third of Alaska sits above the Arctic Circle.
12 Alaska sees around 5,000 earthquakes per year.
13 Alaska is the only state in the country without a state sales tax or individual state income tax.
14 Alaska and Russia are only around 3 miles apart at their closest points.
15 Alaska is home to 15 national parks, preserves, historical sights and monuments.
16 Famous Alaska natives include Curt Shilling, Sarah Palin, James Morrison, Wyatt Earp, and Steve Smith.
17 The highest temperature ever recorded in Alaska was 100 degrees Fahrenheit in 1915 while the lowest temperature was -80 degrees Fahrenheit in 1971.
18 The largest salmon ever caught was wrangled in Alaska's Kenai River. It weighed almost 98 pounds.
19 The only battle of World War II that took place in America was fought in Alaska when Japanese military invaded the Aleutian Islands.
20 Because of its long summer days, Alaska grows very large vegetables.
Alaska Mountains
"For sheer majestic geography and sublime scale, nothing beats Alaska and the Yukon."
- Sam Abell