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Buy Silver and Copper American Wildlife Rounds | designed by Thomas D. Rogers

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The American Wildlife Series is a Provident Metals exclusive set of 1 oz Silver and 1 oz Copper rounds that celebrates many of the charismatic animals that live in North America. Thomas D. Rogers, Sr. designed each round in this series to feature an animal that symbolizes the major regions of the continental United States. Each animal is depicted in its natural habitat, allowing the series to illustrate the biological and habitat diversity the United States enjoys.

Each design in the series may be purchased on a 1 troy ounce .999 fine silver round or a 1 AVDP ounce .999 fine copper round. There are only 10,000 rounds of each design minted, consequently, supplies are extremely limited. The series may be purchased as individual rounds, which will ship in plastic coin flips, a Complete Set, which includes all 10 designs in copper AND silver, or as a Complete Set of Silver Rounds or Complete Set of Copper Rounds, which include plastic Air-Tite capsules and a custom display box signed by Thomas Rogers.

Thomas D. Rogers, Sr. is an exceptional artist that has enjoyed many positions, including at the US Mint, across his illustrious career as a sculptor and engraver. The observant investor will be able to locate an “R” for “Rogers” hidden on the obverse of each round.

Each of these rounds is produced by Provident Metals through the Elemetal Mint. The Elemetal Mint is a joint venture between the three most respected names in the Bullion industry: Provident Metals, Ohio Precious Metals, and NTR Metals. This partnership has leveraged Provident Metals' expansive understanding of bullion production and commitment to customer service, OPM's understanding of minting, and NTR's production capacity to manufacture the highest quality Gold, Silver, and Copper bullion and offer it at the industry's lowest prices.

Because each of these rounds was produced by a Private Mint, the American Wildlife Series was manufactured without the production, design, and economic constraints that require Sovereign Mints to charge high premiums. Whether you are a precious metals savvy investor or a wildlife enthusiast, these rounds have a place in your retirement portfolio.

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