From novice to savvy, beginner to numismatist, coin collectors hone their craft at every level. But as any aficionado knows, navigating the sometimes complicated world of all-things-coin can prove an exceedingly lofty task. How rare is your coin? What is it worth? How much should you pay for that unusual coin you’ve been eyeing? Thanks to Provident Metals’ helpful selection of Coin Books, you can pick up the perfect guide to your individual collecting needs.
Indeed, for those looking to advance their coin understanding, the 2012 Red Book: A Guide Book of US Coins is exactly what the doctor--or (eh-hem) numismatist--ordered. With material on the history and specification of coins, detailed mintage data, information on commemoratives and proofs, along with beautiful, high-resolution photos, this guide transforms the amateur into a well-rounded, coin connoisseur.

The 2012 Redbook not only contains practical information (like how much you should pay for a coin), but it includes articles on: investing, coin grading, how to detect counterfeits, the history of United States coinage, famous shipwrecks, renowned hoards and world-famous collections. It’s no wonder that, after 65 years, the Redbook has become the world’s best-selling, most informative Coin Book of its kind.

Yet if the Redbook helps those who buy, what about collectors looking to sell? The new 2012 Blue Book: A Handbook of US Coins not only provides extensive mintage and historical information--along with tips for grading and collecting coins--but it lists what a dealer will pay for a coin. Since 1942, the Blue Book has served as an annual reference for investors, offering a simple, timely approach to the fruitful market of coins.

Also available at Provident Metals is the distinguished guidebook endorsed by the American Numismatic Association, Photograde: Official Photographic Grading Guide for United States Coins. A virtual encyclopedia of grading, this simple-to-understand Coin Book is comprised of more than 1,000 photographs and descriptions of regular-issue United States coins dating back to 1793. Indeed, this comprehensive guide has sold over a half a million copies, making it a worldwide authority in the science of grading coins.

Revitalize your collection and boost your understanding by choosing one of the many Coin Books now available through Provident Metals’ convenient website--and take advantage of the most affordable, timely shipping on the market.
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