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For collectors interested in European Currency, a beautiful example is the Irish Pound, or Punt Éireannach. With coinage dating back to 997, Irish money has circulated for hundreds of years, primarily in the form of the pound. After several monumental changes in the last century, the Irish Pound was nonetheless replaced by the Euro in 2002, making it obsolete--and increasingly collectible to this day.
During the mid-1920’s, the Irish Free State wished to produce its own currency independent of--while maintaining parity with--the British Pound. The Currency Act of 1927 created the newly-autonomous Saorstát Pound and circulation began in September of 1928. Ten years later, after a new constitution was adopted by the state, the European currency was christened The Irish Pound.

In 1971, Ireland’s Central Bank issued a series of banknotes commemorating Irish history. The 1977-1989 Ireland One-Pound for example, features a portrait of the legendary Queen Medb, celebrating the vigor of Celtic folklore. The warrior-queen of Connacht is most famous for starting the Táin Bó Cúailnge (The Cattle Raid of Cooley) to steal the prize bull of her nemesis--and ex-husband--Ulster. Pre-Christian geometric designs are colorfully displayed on the note’s reverse, along with an excerpt from Lebor na hUidre, the most ancient of all surviving Irish manuscripts.

While Ireland’s newest One-Pound notes were busy circulating, the Currency Centre (or Irish Mint) opened at Sandyford, Dublin in 1978. Thereafter, a large portion of Irish banknotes and coinage have been manufactured in Ireland, as opposed to commercial printers and the Royal Mint of Great Britain.

The Irish One-Pound Note was removed from circulation in 1990, displaced by a new pound coin. Less than a decade later, Ireland moved to replace the pound altogether, and by 2002, the Euro reigned supreme. To get a copy of the bygone Irish One-Pound, a lovely example of the currency of Europe, browse Provident Metals’ convenient website and take advantage of the most timely, reliable shipping in the market.
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