$1, $2, $5, and $10 Small Size Silver Certificates

Silver Certificates: The Cornerstone of a Currency Collection

No paper currency collection is complete without that great American staple: the Silver Certificate. Provident Metals carries a wide range of Silver Certificates in various grades and conditions, both circulated and uncirculated examples available. Printed in the United States from 1878 - 1964, Silver Certificates were initially issued in response to sweeping silver agitation, backed by and redeemable in silver.

The early bills were printed with red, blue and brown serial numbers. At the tail end of the nineteenth century, serial numbers on the $1, $2 and $5 bills were permanently changed to blue, with various WWII Emergency Issues printed with brown or yellow serial numbers (lest they fall into enemy hands).

In 1928, the United States reduced the size of its paper currency in an attempt to cut costs and accelerate transactions. Throughout the following decades, these smaller Silver Certificates were issued in $1, $5 and $10 denominations, many of which are now available through Provident Metals’ easy-to-navigate website.

These Small Size Notes circulated widely throughout the United States (mostly in the $1 denomination) in the years after 1934. After the bills wore out, they were replaced by the new 1953 series, though circulation began to wane as folks redeemed them for silver and the price of the metal rose. In 1968, the treasury halted silver redemption altogether.

At Provident Metals, collectors can purchase a variety of Silver Certificates, including the 1928-1957 $1, Funnybacks, 1934 and 1953 $5 Silver Certificates, $10 North Africa Silver Certificates, $10 Uncirculated Bills and more. Browse our website for a wide selection of this collection mainstay and take advantage of the most timely, affordable shipping on the market.

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