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Rare gold & silver bullion coins from Europe make a wise investment and excellent addition to foreign coin collections.

In 1999, European unification became a reality with the adoption of the Euro across much of the continent. With this widespread change, numerous coins found themselves obsolete, and the old traditions of European minting will never be the same. This, however, makes for some fun and creates interesting opportunities for collecting historical coins that will never be produced again.

A prime example is the ancient coinage of the Austrian Mint, first established in 1194 when King Richard the Lionheart paid Duke Leopold VI 15 tonnes of silver to absolve himself of a prison sentence. For eight centuries thereafter, the Austrian Mint painstakingly mastered various minting methods, and taking great pride in craftsmanship, established the Viennese Engraving Academy in 1733. Austrian coins are designed there to this day.
Thanks to Austria's prolific and well-respected minting tradition, Provident Metals carries a large selection of Austrian coins. For instance, gold and silver Austrian Philharmonics can be purchased in various denominations, commemorating the country’s renowned orchestra and musical heritage. Investors may also choose the Austrian Ducat, first struck in the early sixteenth century and used as a trade coin until 1915. The Austrian Corona, the official currency of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire is another example of the stunning European coins available through Provident Metals' website.

France's mint, the Monnaie de Paris, was established in 864 and remains the most ancient of all the nation’s institutions. The country's official form of currency for centuries, the franc enjoyed a grand--though often turbulent--history since its inception in 1360. After more than 600 years of circulation, France officially adopted the Euro in 2002.

Provident Metals carries a broad range of gold francs, including the spectacular 20 Franc Gold Rooster, depicting the proud and fully-plumed bird symbolizing the fighting spirit of the French Revolution. Provident Metals also carries the the “lucky” 20 Franc Gold Angel, a recreation of Augustine Dupré’s original 1793 design. Minted from 1871 to 1898, Gold Angels have been considered a “good luck coin” for over 200 years after Dupré claimed to escape the guillotine due to the one he carried in his pocket.

We also hold a beautiful cache of alternate forms of European bullion, including the Swiss Gold Franc--the only version still issued in Europe--or the krona, Sweden's official form of currency since 1873. These are but two examples of our fine gold specimens from the skilled artisans of Switzerland and Sweden.

Savvy investors can celebrate the history of this great continent's coinage by selecting from Provident Metals' wide array of European coins, many discontinued. For more information about years of issue, bullion content, product descriptions and availability, please browse our convenient website. By using our secure online ordering system, you will have access to the most affordable, timely shipping on the market.
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