Mexican Gold & Silver Bullion | Rare Coins from Mexico

Provident Metals offers a wider array of numismatic rare Mexican Gold and Silver Bullion coins in the world.

From the classic Mexican Gold Peso to the 5 Pesos Silver Hidalgo, Provident Metals is proud to offer an extensive array of Mexican gold and silver coins. An excellent way to diversify any portfolio, our Proof Mexican Silver Libertad is just one example of our many lovely peso options. Romantically designed, it depicts the stunning image of a winged Victoria of Mexican Independence on its reverse and the stately Mexican coat of arm on its obverse.

With a history as ancient as the earliest American expeditions, the peso is an exciting way to invest in gold or silver. Cost-effective yet attractive, the Mexican peso, first named in the sixteenth century by Spain, serves as a vibrant morsel of American, Spanish and Mexican antiquity.
Established in 1535, the Mexican National Mint, or Casa de Moneda de México, is the most ancient mint in all of the Americas. Experiencing a rich but turbulent history, the Mexican peso enjoyed a position of worldwide prominence throughout the seventeenth century. In fact, the coin retained a value equal to that of the American dollar (previously known as the “thaler”) until the Great Silver Devaluation of 1873, when its value drastically decreased.

Today, pesos are struck in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosí and they remain the 12th most exchanged currency in the world. As the third most exchanged currency in the Americas and the most widely exchanged in Latin America, the peso is still in use by numerous countries outside of Mexico. These include Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, The Dominican Republic, The Philippines and Uruguay.

For investors interested in strengthening their portfolio with these beautiful silver and gold Mexican coins, please take a moment to browse our convenient website. By using our secure online ordering system, you will be able to access the most cost-effective, timely shipping on the market.
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