Copper Bullion

Copper Bars & Bullion - A Practical and Affordable Precious Metals Investment

Too often, copper bullion is overlooked as an investment. Unlike its gold and silver counterparts, the merits of buying copper bullion are rarely debated over the watercooler or on the financial networks.

Dismissed as “just another commodity” — like zinc, nickel, soybeans or sugar — copper is often left to professional futures-investors. Not everyday Americans.

The truth is, these aren’t everyday times. That’s why more and more investors are using copper bullion coins and bars to hedge their portfolios against further devaluation of the dollar.

Why Invest in Copper Bullion?

Copper is a critical element in everyday objects we take for granted.  The demand for copper is ever-increasing and it's in limited supply.

Improved living standards equals rising demand for cars, homes, electronics, air conditioning and infrastructure. Combine the explosion of copper demand with a shrinking supply, and you've got a recipe for sustained growth.

Another wildcard impacting copper is the “currency effect.” Since 2008, central banks across the globe have printed trillions — literally trillions — of paper bills in an effort to reboot their economies. This kind of inflation has caused impressive gold, silver and copper rallies.

How Do I Buy Copper Bullion?

Our secure online ordering system — which makes investing in copper bullion and other precious metals safe — can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

If you have any questions, or would prefer to place your order by phone, our friendly team of experts are available at (800) 313-3315.

What Type of Copper Bullion Can I Buy?

In the past, investing in copper required expertise on the inner workings of futures markets, like the Chicago Board of Trade and COMEX.

That's why Provident Metals is one of very few dealers selling copper bullion. It may not boast the same levels of notoriety as gold and silver now, but it will in years to come.

Copper bullion investment options include:

  • Copper Coins – Available in ¼-oz, ½-oz and 1-oz sizes, copper coins and rounds are an affordable way to invest in copper bullion. Like pre-1965 90% silver quarters and dimes, copper coins can be used for barter.

  • Copper Bars – Available at lower premiums than copper coins, bars are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1-oz to 10 kilos. If you're interested in making a large investment, copper bars are the way to go.

  • Pre-1982 U.S. Pennies – Prior to 1982, United States pennies contained 90% copper. Today, the value of these coins is approximately 2.5 cents each, more than double their original face value. Time to dig through the change jar!