Copper Shot

As “man’s eternal metal,” copper lives up to its expectation of strength and durability in day-to-day life. While copper shot isn’t used for investment purposes, it’s perfect for various industrial and manufacturing needs, which makes it a smart buy at Provident Metals.

Each bag of copper shot is comprised of .999 fine copper. With no hallmark, there is no future resale or face value, so copper shot is not intended to be bought as an investment.

The metal is often used in vehicles, electrical wiring, radios, TVs and other appliances and technological devices throughout the world. Copper shot offers long-lasting production and it’s estimated that approximately 400 pounds of copper is housed in the average home.

While its strength is undeniable, copper is also naturally antibacterial, so it’s often used in the production of door knobs, handrails and more to assist in preventing the spreading of bacteria.

The eternal metal is also referred to as “man’s oldest metal,” with reports of it first appearing in 8700 B.C. Copper has now become a vital part of life and appears in most facets of daily life, and most likely in the device you are reading this on.

Copper shot canvas bags at Provident Metals are sturdy and perfect for transportation or storage. Take advantage of this opportunity to buy .999 fine copper bullion to fit your your needs. Use our online ordering system and claim your copper shot today!

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