1 Carat Diamond Melee Certicard® | SI 1-5 point

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Secure your diamond bullion today from Provident Metals!

Each Diamond Bullion Certicard® holds 1 carat (100 points) in 1-5 point diamond melee. The diamonds held in these cards are mixed cut, SI clarity and near colorless.

Each Certicard® contains specifications including weight, size, cut, clarity, color and composition as well as a unique serial number.

The diamonds found in each Certicard® are reclaimed and therefore conflict free.

Diamonds have been sought-after for thousands of years as a valuable, tangible asset. In 13th century France, the law stated that Kings were the only people allowed to wear diamonds, and in ancient times, people who wore the sparkling natural substance were believed to have gained courage, invincibility and strength. Fast forward to present day and diamonds still hold incredible value, especially to investors looking for a long-term store of wealth.

If you’re hoping to diversify your portfolio with an alternative investment to precious metals, the 1 carat Diamond Melee Certicard® at Provident Metals is an ideal option. Each Certicard® case contains 1 ct of mixed cut 1-5 point diamonds graded SI, which means each diamond has small inclusions that are easily detected under 10x magnification.

Along with their ability to protect an investor’s value, the precious jewels offer portability if an emergency arises. With their ease of storage due to their size and weight, diamonds can be stashed inside a pocket, on fingers or around a neck for a quick escape.

Diamonds also sparkle because of their global appeal, rarity and strength as one of the world’s hardest natural substances. They are mined across the globe in India, Russia, Africa, Brazil and Canada, and many experts forecast a bright future for the investment gems.

Safeguard your wealth with brilliant 1-5 point one carat diamonds shielded in a Certicard® case from Provident Metals today.

Product Details

Total Carat Weight 1 Carat
Stone Sizes 1-5 points
Color Near Colorless
SKU BBPE-02621
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