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Asgard Poured Silver

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Buy Viking themed poured silver bars from Asgard Poured Silver. Each of these bars is hand crafted, and consists of .999 fine silver. Each bar will feature the Asgard Poured Silver mint mark, and a unique assemblage of Norse runes.

The Asgard Poured Silver mint mark features one of Odin's ravens, the inscription “ASGARD” above the raven, and the weight and purity of the bar below. Each of the runes featured on the bar has significant meaning to Norse culture, and the bullion industry.

These beautiful bars come in a variety of finishes. The “Sol” (Norse for “sun”) finish is the most brilliant; each of these bars is highly polished. The “Mani” (Norse for “moon”) bars are finished with an oxidizing agent, and then buffed to create a rustic patina in the devices. The “Bifrost” (The rainbow bridge spanning between Asgard and Midgard) bars have a unique iridescent finish.

Precious metals were important in the Viking culture as not only currency and art, but were also an integral part of their mythos. Celebrate the historic Viking culture with these beautiful poured silver bars!