06/15/2024 08:34:08 PM
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MintID Offers New, Secure Bullion for Provident Metals Customers

Provident Metals is proud to offer its customers a new lineup of silver bullion that is unlike any other series out there. MintID silver rounds and silver bars offer the popular weights that investors crave, 1 oz and 10 oz silver, with cutting-edge technology to secure and authenticate the bullion you buy online. Each MintID product has its own digital profile in the cloud with the ability to instantly authenticate your bullion. To learn more about the MintID silver bullion now available from Provident Metals, read on to find out about its distinctive products, technology, and packaging.

The Buffalo Design

The new MintID lineup of a 1 oz silver round and 10 oz silver bar share a common design element on the obverse. The mighty American bison, a figure featured on banknotes, circulation coins, and modern bullion specimens in the United States, now features on both the silver round and silver bar available from MintID. Other shared elements include the use of the MintID logo in the design backgrounds, an NFC blue microchip on each individual piece, and the MintID website.

On the obverse of the 1 oz Silver Buffalo Round from MintID, you will find the image of the American bison. The buffalo was a sacred and important animal to countless indigenous tribes on the North American continent. These beautiful creatures were used by indigenous tribes as a source of tools (horns), clothing (furs), housing (skins), and food. Today, the American bison still roams small habitats in national parks in the American West and in the forested regions of Canada for the Wood Bison subspecies. Inscriptions on this face include “One Troy Ounce” and “.999+ Fine Silver.” The MintID logo is featured below the neck and mane of the buffalo on this face of the round.

The reverse side of the Silver Buffalo Round includes a blue NFC microchip in the center of the design field. In the visible background ring behind the microchip, you can see repeating images of the MintID logo. Inscriptions on this side include “Tap to Scan” and “MintID.com.”

For the obverse of the 10 oz Silver Bar from MintID, you get a greater view of the full figure of the buffalo. Inscriptions on this face of the bar are arranged down the vertical length of the design field. The markings include the MintID logo at the top, the words “10 Troy Ounces .999+ Fine Silver” below that, and the American bison. At the very bottom of the bar, you will find the full MintID website.

On the reverse of 10 oz Silver Bars, MintID places its blue microchip at the center of the bar’s design field. The entire background has a repeating image of the MintID logo. Both sides of the 10 oz Silver Bar from MintID have a triple-line border element that is cropped at a 45-degree angle in the lower-left corner. In this small crop out, you can find an inscription of “10” on both sides.

MintID Secure Packaging

When you purchase the 1 oz Silver Buffalo Round from MintID, the bulk packages for these silver bullion products are the most secure silver you can buy. The rounds are available in blue rolls of 20 rounds. While each round has its own encrypted microchip, MintID also has a crypto tamper-evident tag sealing the top of the tube. When you scan this tube using the MintID app, it will instantly authenticate the quality of the rounds inside of that tube. If you purchase the box of 25 blue rolls, the rolls are separated by foam inserts for protection and each individual roll has the crypto tamper-evident tag.

MintID NFC Microchips

Each and every silver round and silver bar from MintID has its own NFC microchip. The obverse of both products offers an NFC microchip on its surface that has AES-128 bit encryption. This is the same level of encryption the United States government uses to protect its top-secret data and information. The chip itself is tamper-evident. If attempts are made to mess with the chip it will “die,” rendering no result or a tampered result when scanned with the MintID app. This microchip holds a secure, unique serial number and profile for each round or bar that is stored in the cloud.

The MintID App

In order to authenticate your MintID silver bullion purchases, you’ll need to have the MintID app downloaded on your iOS or Android device. The app includes real-time authentication for your products, an image of the scanned product, specifications for that product, and the unique digital serial number for the product. You can also investigate the buy/sell capabilities of your product through the MintID app.

With the MintID app on your phone, authenticating your silver bullion is quick and easy. Before you launch the app, remember to turn on the NFC setting on your phone. Then, you can launch the MintID app and follow the prompts to get to the SCAN NFC section. Once you’ve reached this point, you can place your silver bullion item against the reverse of your smartphone and allow the NFC reader to detect the chip on the bullion. It will instantly pull up the authentication results on the screen.

Secure Your Silver Bullion with Mint

Please feel free to reach out to Provident Metals with any questions about the new secure lineup of MintID bullion. We currently have the Buffalo Round and 10 oz Bar from MintID. Our customer service team is available to you at 800-313-3315, online using our live chat, and via our email address.