Silver Bars

Silver Bars: An Affordable Option for any Investor

Historically, investors have used precious metals to hedge against inflation and protect their wealth during challenging economic cycles.  Owning silver bullion has proven to be one of the most effective ways to diversify one’s portfolio, and for many investors, silver bars are the bullion of choice.

Silver bars come in a variety of weights, brands and designs, and there’s one for every budget. Made by the most trusted private mints from around the world, silver bullion bars range in size from 1-oz to 1-kilo, giving any investor the selection and the means to protect their holdings.

In addition to the prefered method of purchasing and storing silver bars yourself, you can also hold them in your Self-Directed IRA. This gives you the ability to take advantage of the investment potential of silver bullion, along with the tax benefits of an IRA — adding flexibility to your portfolio.

Why Buy Silver Bullion Bars?

There are several key reasons investors purchase silver bars:

  • Silver bars have low premiums and bulk discounts, they're affordable.
  • Uniform shape and size, silver bars are easy to store, count and transfer.
  • Silver bars hedge against inflation by moving independently of stocks and cash.
  • Belief that the gold-to-silver ratio will return to its historical average of 16:1.  

Silver also has countless industrial uses, many of which have experienced tremendous growth. Semiconductors, computers, cell-phones and other modern technologies contain silver components, thanks to the metal's capacity to conduct electricity.

Yet due to increased demand in both industrial applications and for investment purposes, silver supplies are limited. In fact, mine production and secondary recovery have drastically declined over the last 20 years.

How Can I Buy Silver Bars?

Buy silver bars from an industry leader, and take advantage of the most competitive prices and largest selection on the web. Provident Metals carries silver bars from the world's most renowned private mints, including Johnson Matthey, Northwest Territorial Mint, SilverTowne and many more.

Silver bars are available in a variety of weights:

So take a minute to browse our convenient website for up-to-date prices and availability.

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