Plastic Coin Tubes for your Silver Quarters

At Provident Metals, we take your need to protect, preserve and conveniently store your collection very seriously. Therefore, we provide a wide range of Coin Tubes to safely house all of your favorite coins, including your United States Quarter Dollars. We carry a variety of Quarter Tubes to store, preserve and transport your Quarters and Quarter-Sized Coins.

Indeed, paper and cardboard often disintegrate over time, leaking acidic chemicals onto your coins. Using these conventional storage methods may cause irreparable damage that depreciates the value of your hard-earned investment. Furthermore, paper and cardboard storage methods can be be inconvenient and awkward, taking up excessive amounts of space. The square-shaped CoinSafe tubes available at Provident Metals are compact and stackable, making storage a snap, while protecting your coins from dings, nicks and chemical damage.

Since its inception in 1796, the United States Quarter Dollar has enjoyed a wide range of designs and modifications. Originally an odd duck in the world of coins and currency (20¢ denominations were more common in other countries), early Quarters were referred to as two bits or two reales.

Nearly two-hundred years later in 1965, the first Clad Quarter was introduced, lending it the moniker the “Johnson Sandwich,” after contemporary President Lyndon B. Johnson. Since that time, the clad version of the United States Quarter has consisted of two layers of cupronickel surrounding a core of pure copper. Each Quarter weighs 0.1823 troy ounces, with a diameter 0.955 inches, a width of 1.75 millimeters, and a notably reeded edge--fitting snugly inside these Quarter Size Tubes.

The modern American Quarter, originally designed by John Flanagan, was first issued as a circulating commemorative until it became a regular issue coin in 1934. The obverse of the George Washington Quarter still boasts the distinctive profile of its namesake, while the coin’s reverse held an eagle, prior to the 50 State Quarters Program of 1999. In 2008, a bill was signed into law approving the America the Beautiful National Parks Quarters Program, which started in 2010 and will continue for 12 years.

For more information about the Quarter Tubes available at Provident Metals, browse our easy-to-use website, and take advantage of our bulk and cash-discount prices, along with the most timely, cost-efficient shipping on the market.

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