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The Perth Mint was founded in 1899 after gold was discovered in local Australian deposits. The newly-established mint struck gold and silver sovereigns until Great Britain abandoned the gold standard in 1931. The mint remained under British ownership until July of 1970, when it ceded to the state government of Western Australia. Today, the Perth Mint produces nearly all of the nation’s legal tender bullion coins in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The Perth Mint is famous for its theme coins featuring the kangaroo, kookaburra, koala and platypus.

Provident Metals offers Perth Mint’s legal tender, bullion, and collector coins in .999 fine gold, .999 fine silver, .999 platinum and collectible base metals.

The Perth Mint, which also operates under the name Gold Corporation, began producing coins other than the British gold sovereign in 1931, when the gold sovereign was retired. Australia eventually took ownership of the Perth Mint in 1970. Owned by the Government of Western Australia, the Perth Mint produces Australian legal tender as well as numismatic coins and bars, and investment-quality precious metals.

In World War II, the Perth Mint was again called on to produce coins, though it minted coinage from base metals rather than precious metals.

In 1957, the Perth Mint created the “purest of all gold” with a proof plate of almost .999999 parts of gold, causing the Royal Mint to use the Perth Mint gold as a benchmark for its own production.

Since 1987, the Perth Mint has been mandated to mint and market Australian legal tender in gold, silver and platinum, and in 2011, the Mint captured the record for the world’s largest and most valuable single coin--a massive $1 million face value coin weighing 2,230 lbs.

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