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10 gram Gold Bars

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10 Gram Gold Bars at Provident Metals

Gold bullion is among the most diverse precious metals on the market. While gold coins and rounds are popular, gold bars are a great option for investors looking for a great range of metal content without sacrificing metal purity. One popular option is 10 Gram Gold Bars. These minted ingots are typically sold in sealed assay cards and are available from a wide variety of popular mints and refiners. Learn more about 10 Gram Gold Bars right here, at Provident Metals.

Argor-Heraeus 10 Gram Gold Bars

One of the more innovative names in the world of bullion is Argor-Heraeus. This Switzerland-based refiner focuses on creating unique bullion bars for investors and collectors. Their bars come in an array of sizes, such as 10 grams. Among their most popular options are the following:

  • Kinebars: These bars are some of the most intriguing gold bars on the market today. What makes these bars so unique is the impressive kinegram embossing on the reverse. This features a unique hologram effect that changes colors and patterns depending on what angle you look at it. These bars are sold in sealed assay cards featuring a numbered assay card.
  • Lunar Bars: Lunar bars and coins are among the most popular choices for investors as the designs change annually in conjunction with the Chinese zodiac. Argor-Heraeus has a popular line of lunar-themed bars that have been released annually in a variety of unique sizes. This series started in 2020 with the Year of the Rat and showcases the animal on the obverse with identifying marks of the bar on the reverse.
  • Argor-Heraeus Bars: Another popular Argor-Heraeus option is their line of minted ingots that simply showcase the logo and identifying marks on the obverse. The reverse of these bars is intentionally left blank. These bars are popular due to their high level of purity as well as unique size options.

PAMP Suisse 10 Gram Gold Bars

PAMP Suisse is one of the biggest names in all of bullion. Like Argor-Heraeus, this Switzerland-based company has a wide range of gold bar collections that feature a high level of purity in a 10 gram bar. Among their most popular collections are the following:

  • Rosa: The line of Rosa bars is a new popular gold bar collection from PAMP Suisse. These bars feature the stunning image of a blooming rose on the obverse with four leaves and three sprouting rose buds off the stem. These bars are available in a range of sizes and arrive in a sealed blisterpack.
  • Fortuna: The most popular line of gold bars from PAMP Suisse, however, has to go to their line of Fortuna bars. These gold bars feature the stunning image of Fortuna on the obverse. The series is constantly evolving to take the next step in the precious metal industry. The newest releases of Fortuna bars are the first gold bars in the world to have a carbon-neutral footprint.

Other Popular 10 Gram Gold Bars

  • Perth Mint Gold: The Perth Mint is among the most well-known mints in the world as they’re the oldest running mint in all of Australia. The Perth Mint has a popular line of gold bars that feature a repeating kangaroo pattern on the reverse. These bars arrive in sealed blisterpacks.
  • Sunshine Mint Gold: Another popular gold bar producer is the Sunshine Mint. Their line of gold bars features identifying marks of the bar on the obverse with a repeating sun pattern on the reverse. Like other 10 Gram Gold Bar options, these bars arrive in sealed blisterpacks.

Investing in 10 Gram Gold Bars at Provident Metals

Don’t hesitate to contact the Provident Metals team at 800-313-3315 with any questions you have about 10 Gram Gold Bars. Our team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have. We can also be reached via our email or through our online chat feature.