Canadian Gold Maples

Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins: Trusted by Smart Investors

Since 1979, the Royal Canadian Mint has produced the purest gold bullion coins available in the world. Featuring a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the front and a maple leaf on the back (Canada’s official national symbol), the coin has become one of the most desired bullion investments in the world as evidenced by their immense popularity.

As the official gold bullion coin from Canada, the Maple Leaf gold coin is also guaranteed by the Royal Canadian Mint for its weight and purity. These coins have been in continuous production for longer than any other gold bullion coin available on the market today.

Why is Now the Time to Buy Gold?

Since reaching a record high of $1921 in August 2011, gold has dropped nearly 30 percent. Usually, when an investment falls in price, you see less interest. Yet when it comes to the physical gold market, experienced investors are taking this opportunity to add to their position.

Though it's hard to predict the right moment to make any investment, it's even more difficult to deny that buying gold now would preserve your future purchasing power.

This is especially true when you consider how much gold has fallen off its highs, along with other frightening factors like monetary inflation and global instability.

The truth is, if you wait to purchase gold when the precious metal is back to record highs, you won't be able to buy as much, and you could miss a rare opportunity to hedge your portfolio against currency devaluation.

Where Should I Buy Gold?

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How can I start owning Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins?

To see current prices and availability of the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin, visit our main site or click the links above. Our secure online ordering system helps you buy gold coins safely. Once your order in confirmed, your Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins will reach your doorstep or IRA account in just days.

Any questions?

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