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Sunshine Minting

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Established in 1979, Sunshine Minting, Inc.–also known as Sunshine Mint– is a full-service mint based in Idaho. The private mint’s commitment to quality has led to worldwide recognition. Sunshine Mint is now considered a global leader in the precious metals industry.

Sunshine Mint offers branded bullion rounds and bars, blanks, and custom minted products to a variety of customers, including individuals, private dealers, governments, financial institutions, and more. In fact, Sunshine Mint–headquartered in one of North America’s most silver-rich regions–is the nation’s largest provider of silver blanks to the United States Mint for the production of Silver Eagles and America the Beautiful coins.

Though the mint specializes in silver and gold, they can also provide blanks and full products made of various alloys and base metals, along with gold or silver plated pieces. Sunshine Mint is also capable of creating custom blanks in any shape or size imaginable beyond the standard rounds and bars.

Quality and Security

Sunshine Minting, Inc. has built a reputation around producing top-quality bullion products. The mint uses state-of-the-art, exclusive technology and precision laboratory analysis to ensure the purity, weight, and quality of each round and bar.

This level of dedication has resulted in Sunshine Mint’s ISO certification. In fact, the mint has been ISO 9001 certified since 2010, which means that Sunshine products qualify for most precious metals IRA accounts in the United States.

Security is another priority of the mint, which has resulted in technological advancements. Sunshine Mint’s Mint Mark SI™ is an exclusive security feature for all branded bullion products. It involves a micro-engraving that can only be seen by placing the Mint Mark SI™ decoding lens over the noted security pad on rounds and bars.

Additionally, all Sunshine gold bars (and several other products) are sealed in tamper-evident packaging as a form of protection.


Sunshine Minting, Inc. is headquartered in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, where the flagship operation still runs. Two more facilities are located in Las Vegas, Nevada and the Putuo District in Shanghai, China

In addition to these three manufacturing facilities, the company has sales offices in Canada, Argentina, and Austria that allow the company to run as a leading domestic and global producer and supplier of precious metals.