Australian Perth Mint Lunar Series 1 | Silver Bullion

The Australian Perth Mint Lunar Series 1 Features the 12 Creatures on the Chinese zodiac calendar.

Perth Mint Australian Lunar Series I coins are some of the most popular Australian coins in recent history due to their exquisite design based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar and exceptional bullion content. Their popularity is magnified by the extremely limited-release of some issues as well as the unique strikes available in both gold and silver. In addition to their allure to collectors of fine coins, the Australian Lunar Series I has proven valuable to bullion investors for its bullion content of .9999 fine, 24-karat gold and .999 fine silver. Add to that the fact that they are also legal tender guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the Australian government and are available in varying denominations, and it’s not surprising that the Perth Mint capitalized on their success with a new Lunar Series II in 2009. Produced by the well-respected Australian Perth Mint, they are a pleasure to collect because of their design based on the 12-year Chinese Lunar Calendar which captures the human imagination with each new issue.
The Chinese Zodiac is steeped in symbolism and ancient tradition, storied by fanciful creatures such as the Imperial Dragon. Each coin features a new animal each year that is said to profoundly influence human personality based on the ruling animal of one’s birth year. This has made these coins collectible as very special birthday gifts, for conversion into high-end jewelery, and as an investment that insures a return once a particular coin has reached its production limit.

All twelve issues of the Australian Lunar Series I coins have been minted beginning when the first Year-of-the-Rat coins were produced in 1996 and concluding with the Year-of-the-Pig in 2007. Initially, all Lunar 1 Series coins were minted in gold, but the coins proved so popular that the Perth Mint added silver coins in 1999. Some varieties have proven wildly popular, with the one-ounce coins in both gold and silver regularly selling out around the world due to their limited release. The Year-of-the-Dragon, Year-of-the-Horse, and Year-of-the-Dog coins regularly fetch prices far above the market value of their bullion content due to heavy demand. All Lunar Series I coins are so beautifully struck that investors sometimes mistake the regular-issue coins for proof strikes. Whether proof-strike or regular issue, each coin features Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse or front and the ruling animal from the Chinese Zodiac for that year on the reverse side. The 12-Year cycle of the ancient Chinese calendar includes the following animals: Year of the Mouse, Year of the Ox, Year of the Tiger, Year of the Rabbit, Year of the Dragon, Year of the Snake, Year of the Horse, Year of the Goat, Year of the Monkey, Year of the Rooster, Year of the Dog and Year of the Pig. Please browse through our handsome collection of these outstanding Australian Lunar Series 1 coins and enjoy the special strikes available, limited release information, and fractional denominations available in the finest of Australian gold and silver coins.
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