Pre-33 Gold

Pre-1933 Gold Coins – Invest in American History

Gold coins minted in the U.S. prior to 1933 possess not only gold’s tangible value, they also make a brilliant addition to any collection.  The appeal of pre-33 gold coins is centered on gold’s reputation for being a sturdy investment, and enhanced by the value of rare and historically significant coinage.

Pre-33 U.S. gold coins like the St. Gaudens and Incuse Indian designs haven’t been produced since the early 1930s, and most have been confiscated, making them scarce.  By virtue of their rarity, pre-33 gold coins carry a distinct value and notoriety among gold investors, collectors, and history buffs.

Why buy pre-33 gold coins?

First issued by the U.S. Mint in 1795, these gold coins served as currency in the U.S. until their confiscation in the 1930s. During the depths of the Great Depression President Roosevelt announced a recall of all gold coins in circulation, hoping to repair the problems plaguing the nation at that time.

The small percentage of pre-33 gold coins that survived confiscation, and being melted into gold bars – now have value beyond their gold content.

Reasons to buy pre-33 gold coins:

  • Extremely limited, fixed supply – unlike American Gold Eagles, pre-33 gold coins are no longer minted and are in extremely limited supply.
  • Historical value – coins like the $20 St. Gaudens served as U.S. currency until the 1930s, enhancing their historic appeal as former legal tender.
  • Graded and Certified gold - We offer pre-33 gold coins that are certified for authenticity by third-party grading service like PCGS and/or NGC.

Pre-33 gold coins make an excellent gift for the coin collector or history lover in your family!

How can I buy pre-33 gold coins?

Provident Metals offers an extensive selection, and the industries most competitive pricing on $20 St. Gaudens, $10 Liberty Gold Eagle, and more.

If you're sole interest is to invest in the metal, it may also make sense to consider the American Gold Eagle, Canadian Gold Maple or other coins and bars being minted today.

Pre-33 gold coins are an excellent store of value and are very well suited for numismatic clients.  So if you're looking for a historic addition to your collection or portfolio, Provident Metals is proud to feature the best selection at the most competitive prices. Pre-33 gold coins are available in a wide variety of designs and weights, including the $20 St. Gaudens, $10 Half Eagle, and $5 Quarter Indian.

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