Poured Silver Bars

Increase the value and beauty of your silver investment portfolio by buying Hand Poured Silver Bars. Provident Metals is proud to offer the most attractive hand poured silver bars from the most progressive mints in the industry.

Among the mints with products featured among our Poured Silver Bars is the Atlantis Mint. Family owned and operated, the Atlantis Mint consistently produces some of the finest poured silver products in the industry. Many of the Atlantis Mint poured silver bars carry the piratic Skull and Crossbones, reminiscent of a time when “hard currency” existed as Precious Metal Bullion.

The art of pouring silver produces some of the most stunning artisan pieces in the Silver Bullion industry. The process of hand pouring silver lends itself to artistic expression. The resultant pieces have a rustic beauty, and inherently greater latitude in the shape they may assume.

The process of pouring molten silver into a mold is cumbersome and involved, and produces bars that are individual and unique. No two bars are ever the same. While the Silver Bars vary in contour, shape, and texture, every acceptable measure is taken to ensure that the metal weight and purity are consistent. Every Hand Poured Silver Bar we carry and sell consists of investment grade .999 Fine Silver.

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Sol 2 oz Silver Rune Bar | Asgard Poured Silver
Star 3 oz Silver Round | Poured Silver | MK BarZ
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