$2.50 Gold Liberty & Indian Head Quarter Eagles

$2.50 Gold Liberty & Gold Indian Head Quarter Eagles are an Enduring, Tangible Asset, and Fabulous Diversification Tool

At Provident Metals, we value the importance of preserving your wealth, diversifying your portfolio and helping you maintain your purchasing power. That’s why we carry a wide range of Gold Bullion products, including these $2.50 Liberty and Indian Head Quarter Eagles. As tangible assets, each gold coin can be held in your hand, preserving their intrinsic value for countless years to come.

The 1840-1907 Liberty Quarter Eagles available at Provident Metals contain .1209 Troy Ounces of Pure Gold, bear various mintmarks and come in a host of conditions and grades, including those certified Mint State 64 by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. The Quarter Eagles share a design with their Eagle-predecessors, designed by engraver Christian Gobrecht and inspired by Benjamin West’s painting Omnia Vincit Amor. The lovely obverse features the left-facing bust of Liberty, while the reverse features the enduring American Eagle.

These beautiful 1907-1929 Indian Quarter Eagles contain .1209 Troy Ounces of Pure Gold, while also bearing a variety of mintmarks, conditions and grades. Like the $5 Indian Head Eagle, the incuse relief of these Quarter Gold Pieces is incredibly unique--their inscriptions and images are set deep into the surface. Boston artist Bela-Lyon Pratt was commissioned to create the design by President Roosevelt, and his obverse featured an American Indian in full headdress surrounded by 13 stars. The coin’s reverse depicts the stunning image of the symbolic Bald Eagle.

To invest in gold bullion, browse our selection of $2.5 Liberty and Indian Quarter Eagles. Enjoy our secure online ordering system and take advantage of the most efficient, affordable shipping on the market.

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